I’m going to start with this disclaimer: If you thought this story would be lovely and feisty, then you would be correct. Readers have waited for this story, and Ms. Bolling did not disappoint her fans. I was not worried at all that Sapphire was a virgin who was dealing with a Real Grown Man in Lawrence Palmer. I knew the author would deal with the story respectfully and tastefully. Additionally, the mystery in each Iris Bolling story is always on point with this reader.

The prologue started out with the backstory with Lawrence and then brought readers back to present day, and his struggles with the young college student who’d taken his heart without his unfettered permission.  LT was quasi-crazy during most of this story and was hard-pressed to stop his soul’s modus of operandi.

The overview: Lawrence was the child of a relationship with his married father and his single mother. His mother was a savvy scientific mind at his father’s corporation when she died in an incident. The accident involving her braking system was ruled an accidental death. Lawrence’s grandmother Natalie reared Lawrence and never believed his mother’s death was an accident. She never pursued the claims because his father was a powerful and ruthless businessman.  His father had other children outside of his marriage, and one of his grown children would be apart of the little engine that could derail his empire. LT Palmer was the man his father should’ve elicited concern and worry regarding his new goals and aspirations. LT was out for revenge.

One of my other favorite character in the Heart Series was around for my pleasure.  Al “Turk” makes my heart go pitter-patter. Turk came to Lawrence’s recuse when he was a teen so he would be able to have the government office he was seeking. The issue would resurface, and Al would have to work his magic again.  In the present story, LT Palmer was taking over the position Grant Hutchinson vacated to have a chance with Opal.  This time around, Phire continued to bring her fire and burned more and more inside of LT’s heart with each encounter. I liked the innocent ways in which she nestled into his psyche with little remorse. Phire’s brilliant mind was unfathomable to most, as she was bold and fierce and knew how to get what she wanted, even with her naivete.

When LT and Phire danced it was evident to everyone, the newly elected official had a thing for Phire, and her feelings for him was mutual. For some reason, LT was surprised by Sapphire’s intellect.  She not only had beauty, but she also had brains with an extremely high GPA in Mass. Communications. I liked the way the students, the campaign focus, and the families were an intricate part of the story. It’s nice to see the Gems, but I am always ecstatic to have the Gents make their presence. Joshua and his bombs along with his over the top personality is my weakness. Having Adam bless us with his genius is priceless.  Although the story focused on LT’s part a great deal, there was enough of Phire’s story to see her feistiness and gregarious personality to be happy with the stories direction. Once again, the president and his cabinet had a presence in the story, as well as the older children of JD, James and a few of the other teens and young adults from previous books.  The story flowed well with enough action to keep readers wanting more. The intimate moment’s descriptions were seamless and tasteful in the story. I am ready for the next installment. Phire lived up to the hype; I’m just saying! 5.0 Stars!

Review – Phire: I’m Just Saying (Gems & Gents Book 8) by Iris Bolling

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