Parker Kingston was a new author for me to review. It is always a delightful experience to find an author to add to the ‘To-Follow Artists’ list. The story began at a slow pace at first, but it began to find its groove a little under a third of the story. Readers hang in there; the story will pick up. The novel was about two friends who became a couple with plans to be together. That was the case until a little bundle of joy ruined their plans. Michael Harrison and Brielle King forecasted the chance to be in it for life when they graduated and looked forward to their after-college life.

The graduation should’ve ended with Brielle and Michael engaged. Instead, their lives changed more dramatically than ever expected. Brielle King’s nemesis finally got the chance to get a leg up on her plans and took home the prize in the form of her man Mike. Brielle’s path led her into a forbidden relationship that might have strong consequences in the story. I’m not sure whether Brielle or Mickey upset me more. Both made ratchet moves that seemed to only focus on their needs. People need to consider their actions and how said actions might impact someone other than themselves. I am not a fan of cliffhangers, and that is how the first book ended.

Important to Note: A cliffhanger ending does not change the rating for a book for this reviewer. In this case, the story earned 4 stars for the storyline and plot execution. The ending left a few question still needing an answer, so I’m hoping the author will address the topics left open in the upcoming book. I’ll check back with a follow-up review at the conclusion of the story. I recommend this story, and I hope readers will hang around for the follow-up book.

Review – Rekindled (A Time to Remember Saga Book 1), by Parker Kingston

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