Anytime this author gives us a new book I am usually Johnny on the spot with my reviews. Well- life happened, and I’m just now getting the chance to write this review. So, readers go ahead and read this story anyway, as it will still be fabulous. The story featured a favorite couple from a previous novel and a second chance romance. If you seek assurance this reviewer will enjoy your book, feel free to write about a second chance romances. Another chance at love makes my heart go pitter-patter.

The fictional town of Potter Lake once again was the backdrop for this story. Although at the end of the previous novel, the small town began to thrive and prosper after a period of stagnation. The newfound inspiration was great for transplants Sage Owens and Bennett Alexander. Both experienced a great loss in life. Then they each had a chance to meet one another and develop a few friendships around the town. The couple’s newfound relationship was amazing, so when they were each pulled together during the season of love and joy, and their story was compassionate and a delectable read. The couple got a second chance at love and the potential for new love, once again for the second time around.

Review – Second Time Around: A Potter Lake Holiday Short, by DL White

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