Remi and Neo had a risky relationship for sure. Their attachment was even riskier. The grip the two had on each other was a quick and aggressive hold like an unyielding python. The story was a light thriller with an intense and enthralling storyline with each page turned. The chemistry between Neo and Remi was tightly woven. I did not see one of the twists in the plot as I expected a different outcome. The idea and premise for Remi White’s character gave me the impression of a movie’s screenplay with the way the author outlined the details in the story for Remi’s part in the scheme and how Neo convinced her to take part in the proposal that could end with both doing jail time. It was a gamble for both, and it was easy to see why Remi chose to go with Neo’s plan. Did I mention he was a steaming hot commodity?

Many times, the author reminds readers the risk was considerable, but she also asked if the risk was worth the reward. There were a few times in the story when I wanted to rush to the end to see what happened and to make sure the ending was happily ever after, but I stayed the course and waited with bated breath to see what the ending entailed.  The thrills in the story magnified as the tale grew in intensity. In the end, I liked the way the tale gave readers just what we asked for, a good, good story, and yes, the risk was worth the challenges. I gave it 4.8 Stars!

Review – Risky: A Novella, by A. Marie Johnson

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