The author of this story is excellent in regards to telling a story with depth and emotional turmoil. What would a love story be without a little drama and a lot of loving? I’ll answer that question; it would be another authors story altogether.

In this story, Michelle Drake was a workaholic headed for a life-changing event; the sad part was, she did not know it yet. Lucas LeRoux was the man who would also change her views about being in a relationship, no matter the time frame. Lucas met Michelle, and he was not the least bit intimidated by her brusque demeanor. In fact, Lucas would not allow her exasperating, self-controlling, freakish need to control everything, to derail his plans to be her man.

So, let’s start from the beginning. Michelle passed out at work and woke up in a hospital. Her family, as well as friends, would not allow her to continue down the path to self-induced exhaustion syndrome.  And by the way, remember Rowan and Laurel, well, their baby was due, and she was angry with her friend. So, Laurel decided to take control of Michelle’s business, so she would be around when the baby came. Laurel made plans to send Michelle to Martha’s Vineyard for a much-needed vacation and relaxation period. And guess what… Yes, Lucas was staying at Martha’s Vineyard already… ooh, yes, the plot thickens. After getting settled for the time off and forced retreat; Michelle was greeted that night by a cute little doggy. The other unwanted note was the man next door was fooling around outside for everyone to see. No inhibitions were what Michelle called the little hussy next door. Then as luck would have it, Lucas met Michelle, and she realized later her error concerning the man cavorting with the young lady. Whew! That was a close one.

Just a note: Ian Fineass Nobel made a cameo appearance; Giselle tagged along to keep her man safe, and they made an announcement you’ll either love or hate. I’m Ian all day, so one wild guess about my position on the matter. Yeah!

As time passed, Michelle allowed Lucas to be her date for a few outings, which turned into them getting to know one another better. Lucas had a cute dog as well named Pepper. After coaxing Michelle to take an excursion with him; Lucas took Michelle on a day trip. The weather turned, and the snow created an overwhelming and drastic change in the road’s conditions. Michelle tried to micro-manage their time together, but Lucas was not buying her act of defiance. After the two had a great weekend of snowbound sex and relaxing moments, Luke was dismayed when he overheard a conversation between Laurel and Michelle talking about their none-relationship, relationship. A crisis at work pulled Michelle back to her duties to leave Lucas with the problem of dealing with what he’d overheard, and his pain and heartache. The pain did not last too long as he and Michelle were able to come to terms with their relationship and planned to move forward with being a couple. I loved this story to pieces; I’m hoping the author has lots of goodness in store for Michelle and Lucas. 5+ Stars.

Review – Runaway Love, by Té Russ

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