The second book in the Lake series allowed readers to revisit Tangie and Reese, and to add to their love story. If you’ll recall, Reese was the fine brother with the good hair who was a leader in a black brother’s biker’s club. He arrived in her small town in Alabama and swooped Tangie off her feet. Tangie’s best friend Breelyn Jarrett, was the feature in this story, along with hero Pierce Devereaux. Pierce, was the VP of Financial Affairs for Sonant Records. As the story opened, Breelyn was in the process of signing a recording contract with Sonant. Pierce was getting her established to deal with the financial aspects of the deal. Her beauty immediately smitten him. He was ready to get to know her based on his initial reaction to her.

Breelyn was in a strange short-distanced relationship with Reese’s best friend, Spencer. Their relationship appeared to have reached a conclusion from his point of view, and somehow, he forgot to let Breelyn in on the situation.  But oh well, it would soon be his loss, as Pierce was hot and heavy for Breelyn. The story showed both Breelyn and Pierce had some family dynamics issues. Those issues played an intricate part in the story. Pierce’s side-story focused on his weak relationship with his brothers, Beau, and Ris. Both of his brothers had issues with his success and their lack of, and feelings of being inefficient with Pierce’s level of success.  Breelyn’s story involves her mother’s health, and the ways her mom’s medical issue resulted in one crisis after another. Her father was doing all he could to manage, yet Bree’s sister and brother seldom raised a finger to help either their mother or father. I started to see a pattern with Bree and Pierce having similar backgrounds, yet Bree had a severe disconnect with seeing Pierce as being just like the other guy. You’ll discover a past relationship clouded her views to the point of near blindness on her part.  She only saw one side. What if he did me wrong? Rather than seeing another point of view, like maybe this guy was different from the guy who’d shaped her opinion on men.

As Pierce discovered ways for them to interact with one another, he eventually was able to go on a date with Bree. He’d started to feel like coupledom was their goal. But, to my shock and horror, she did something I was not expecting after she’d spent some time with Pierce. He and I were of the opinion they were in a relationship, so I was flabbergasted by her next actions.

Although the story was about Bree and Pierce starting something special, readers also had the chance to get an update on Reese and Tangie’s pending nuptials. Chelsea was back again as her not-so-white-girlfriend lived up to her status as a special friend to Bree. (Do not read more into the statement than stated… It was not a racial jab) … Black Girl Power in full force, so relax.  The story was a great next installment.  Just so you’ll know, this story had drama, a love connection, a breakup, a fight scene, a romantic getaway, and a happily ever after. What more can a girl ask? Diamonds would be lovely, but I’ll settle for the next gem in this authors arsenal.  4.5 Stars….

Review – A Song For You: Book Two in The Lake Series, by Chicki Brown

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