The author has one of the most prolifically creative minds in a long time. She can make anything sound like the thing to do and be happy about it. A young Black female singer and songwriter who loved Country Music. Get the heck out of here! To top it off, she and an NBA player hooked up in a collaboration of sorts, and then they made balls dribble while hitting a few soprano notes together. The premise was fun. Jayde was an easy to like character. She was jovial, and kept readers wondering what would come from her mouth. Nikolas was hotter than a summer day in July, and he was a perfect match for this story. Their bantering conversations were realistic and there was a great vibe throughout the story.

The backstory and ancillary characters always pique my interest and increase my enjoyment in the way the story evolves. Nyema cracked me up every scene that she and Jayde graced the pages. My ultra-favorite was Pharris, Niko’s assistant. His tongue was sharp and too funny. Overall, this was another Falls Original Classic Slam Dunk! 5+ Stars


Review – Shots Not Taken (Nymphs & Trojans Book 1), by Nicole Falls

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