The second story in this two-book series continued the greatness the first author set in book one. The author took the gauntlet and threw it across the room with a force and passion. Selena Samuels, the sharpshooting point guard for the Nashville Nymphs, was the leader of her team and the hopeful reason the team vied for a ring early in their team’s history. Selena’s skills caused opposing teams to believe she was a mythical creature with magical shooting skills. Her partner in crime in this story was also a Tennessee legend who’d come back for his chance at redemption after his fall from grace.

Dre Leonard was a once highly touted player, and a championship ring owner for his Tennessee Trojans before troubles tumbled down around him. And this time was his third chance to get it right when the owner of the WNBA team offered him the opportunity to coach the team. He and Selena did not mesh well initially. She had a love/hate relationship with him. Soon enough, Selena’s hatred became more about loving than loathing. The sports part of the story told with a flourish fascinated me. Having the drop-in comments about Niko and Jayde from the first story added a nice connecting point. The author lobbed a three-pointer with this story, and it swished scoring 5 stars on impact. I’m Warrening you, this author is fantastic!


Review – One Last Shot (Nymphs & Trojans Book 2), by Alexandra Warren

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