I should begin this review by telling you guys that this was a short story that felt like a full-fledged movie. The author shows out with each story she delivers, and this was another great addition to her collection of must-read books. The author started out by telling us the main character was a beautiful man. A beautiful man is a thing to behold. Truth Ebo was the truthwith swagger to match his hotness. Claudette was the leading lady and the person making the statement. Yes, she had a so-called man at the time, but what does that have to do with the story? Why should she settle for a piece of a man, when she could have a whole side of succulence? I can’t hear you…

The man that was supposed to be her man was a cheating toilet dropping that acted like an immature teenaged boy. And Truth had his own situation named Tiana. When they met, I had a feeling this would be the start of something special. A side note: The author has a way with telling a story and reminding readers of great shows from the olden days. Lord knows Regine Hunter and Whitley Gilbert sightings in a story evoke great memories of must-see television shows of the past.  It also shows the author’s excellent taste.  What you will absolutely love about the story is the way this couple moved in the story.  Not only that, the little dance scene was super-hot.  Although the tale was short, it had enough heat to keep me coming back for yet another stroke and the roll of the authors pen. (See, I know some of you went straight to the gutter with the word stroke).  Hey, pay attention to the romance in the story; the author has a way with words to bring readers inner fan-girl vibes.  Staying attuned to the story is an easy task with the way she pulls us in on each downstroke. The short story is engrossing, sexy as sin, and a lovely connection that should’ve been enough to make you want more. So, there you have it, another Housemate to go with the other masters. 5.0 stars!

Review – Should’ve Been: A Short Story, by Alexandria House

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