Andrew “The Jet” Julian and Jada had a relationship until their break-up expanded a few years. While Jada played hard to get back with Drew, I knew his charm to win her over once again would take time to cultivate. It was fun to witness their relationship’s progression. I understood Jada’s position, and I also understood Drew’s reasons for his decisions.  The surprise radio station interview was hilarious the way Jada’s fellow DJs clowned one another. I accepted why she reacted the way she did. No one wants to be blindsided. From their past relationship, some of the issues never vacated her heart.  He wanted to race, and she wanted to be in a relationship, damn the consequences. The excellent way the author presented their emotional pains, and passions within their story astounded.  By the time Jada realized she had to deal with Drew for a little while longer, it was too late for dread.

Their live remote at the relay games – that was so much fun. Derrick, the second-place dude – a riot. I liked him. Lexxi with the good weave and halitosis, she had me rolling on the floor laughing at her boastfulness. Several parts in the story I just howled. Drew’s grandmother was funny, as was his mother. I thought the two overprotective women acted like real-life women with issues. I don’t understand why Drew did not comprehend why Kerry’s hooked on the D. If he put it down so good, what else was likely to happen? Duh! Once Drew and Jada started to work things out, it was beautiful to witness the relationship move along. Grams wouldn’t have it with Kerry. I laughed at Grams’ antics when Kerry visited her home uninvited. That was too much fun. Later, it was nice when Drew and Jada got back together and picked up where they left off four years prior.  The story felt complete, and it left room for more in the future… My rating, 5 stars.

Review – The Fold (Book One) Thou Shall Not Run, by Sabrina B. Scales

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