Watching Deuce grow into a full-fledged man was exciting to witness. When we first met him, he was a sometimes-rambunctious teen with a penchant for getting under his father Chris Scaife’s skin. In this story, the main character Kaleen was an Olympic athlete and Deuce’s best friend. The leading lady in this story was Ash. Her story had an interesting effect on me as I read the story. Thankfully, Deuce’s lady Zora made an appearance and gave readers an update on the couple’s relationship.

Additionally, in this story,Ash’s relationship with her family was a different side of the tale that changed the complexity of the storyline. I could not make a clear determination about her true feelings as she and Kal tried to fit into Deuce’s family plans during the normal holiday visit by his friend. Having a holiday trip to see Chris, the family and all that he had to offer would rattle the average person, so it was not implausible to experience and walk with wariness in Kal and Ash’s shoes during their visit.It was nice the way Deuce included Kal into his friends and family network. Although Kal, Ash, Zora, andDeuce came from different backgrounds, it was easy to see the complex connection between the friends.

As the story developed and Ash’s backstory explored, it was quite an experience to have a better understanding of her story including Ash’s self-centered mother.  Her mother was a real piece of doo-doo. It was evident the reason this couple made a connection was the similarity in their familial situation.  His father’s situation with his mother and the way he molded his son was entrenched in the story. Kal’s relationship with his mother was equally as emotional.

The couple fit together like a glove as the story was stimulating in every way imaginable. The title was fitting as a snowflake had many dimensions much the same as Ash’s personality was also multidimensional.  One of the things I look forward to is discovering the reasoning behind the title. It was additionally great to get an update about a few characters from our favorite books by this author.  The story was an excellent 5 Star read!

Review – Snowflake: An ‘Afterwards’ Novel, by Nia Forrester

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