My favorite characters Syx and Trough are back with another great short story addition to their ever-turning love life. Not a lot of over the top drama, but just enough to keep us wondering what will happen next with this couple. In this story, Syx and Trough had a little surprise waiting for them. Trough is alpha male personified and squared to the highest power. The way Trough allowed Syx to infiltrate his heart was magical. The start of their relationship was unconventional, and nothing about the couple’s relationship could be described as ordinary. Syx, despite her unusual name is a sweetheart and one of my favorite female characters by this author. Uncommon, unique, and highly likable best describe this couple. The story was very short, hot and sexy. The next time we’ll see the outcome from the reveal in this story. A sexy short story, for real. 5.0 Stars.

Review – Syx Whole Weeks (A Situationship Book 4), by Grey Huffington

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