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 Something Old, Something New was a lovely story. Marlee Rae was a new author to me, and I was impressed with the content of the story and the awareness this author showed in telling her story.

Dawn’s mother passed away as the story began. She was having a difficult time adjusting to her loss, feelings of anger, and mild depression. Although she had a supportive network of friends, her pain did not lessen as the months passed. Dawn had taken to daily walks at the neighborhood walking/jogging trails. Since Dawn worked from home, she had many days walking the trails, one of those days she encountered Macon Jones. Macon was fine as frog’s hair with a body like Ares. (The God of War).  Dawn was so taken in by Mason’s gorgeousness; she accidentally let the words slip out in his presence. Mason was equally impressed with Dawn’s beauty and made his wishes known. He had moved back to St Louis and was staying with his parents for a short time. Dawn thought he was a mommas boy and quickly departed as she had no interest in a grown man who lived at home with his parents.  She had enough going on in her life and chose not to add extra drama.

Despite the apprehensiveness in Dawn’s daily life, she had a wonderful network of friends who supported her in every way possible.  Her best friend Andre Brown was her anchor; she also had Janae, Tori, and Robert on the backup support team. Dre was the one who kept he moving when she did not want to leave her home. Most of them had known one another since grade school. Dre and Dawn were friends for over thirty years. So, I understood his clingy, neediness to a point.  I’ll explain that a bit later in this review.

Once Dawn was able to get a better understanding regarding Mason’s living situation, she consented to a few dates; she decided they were a perfect match for one another.  Her friends, Janae and Tori, agreed wholeheartedly with her assessment. In fact, they encouraged her to the point of nearly badgering. Dawn and Mason were both divorced. He had two children from his marriage, and Dawn never bore children. After getting to know one another, they realized how many interests in common they shared. And this was when Dre started to behave more like a jealous boyfriend than a best friend. Dawn was at his beck and call for many years; now she was no longer available to him in that manner since Mason came into her life. Dre was not ready to relinquish his title as top-dog in Dawn’s life.  Dre vacillated in his feeling for Dawn, and I wondered if his newfound interest was because of Mason.  And yes, Mason did not waver in his love for Dawn, once he staked his claim. The six degrees of separation played a part in the stories dynamics with Dre, Mason’s stepfather and both sets of parents. I liked the way the story integrated Mason’s teenage kids seamlessly into the account. His daughter Chloe piqued my interest a great deal. I hope to see more of her in the next story. I would be negligent if I did not mention the sex scenes.  The lovemaking- exceptional, and the stories content- well developed. Overall, this was a lovely story. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Something Old? Something New?, by Marlee Rae

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