Beverly Love is cranking out books like nobody’s business. At one point, I think I said this before; I wondered if she had a few Minions working in a little shop pecking away on their computers.

In Due Time was another nice read by this author. The premise of the story outlined and placed before readers gave them a chance to put the book away, or move forward with the story. As you can see, I chose to continue with the story.

Rahim Frank wanted to make sure Mackenzie James knew she would be his in due time. The two friends did not want to take a chance to ruin their relationship if they chose to act on the feelings they each felt for one another. So, instead, they forged ahead with friendship as the cornerstone of their plans to remain in The Zone, rather than risk losing one another altogether.  He said, “Friendship is the perfect foundation for a relationship.” No matter how profound this statement, Mac was skittish with her heart and losing it to her best friend.  Mac’s stalemate was also the fact that she had once dated his cousin Tony for a few years. She wasn’t sure Tony was entirely out of her system. Rahim, on the other hand, had no issues with her and Tony’s over and done with connection from the past. It was a nonfactor for Rahim.

Rahim had a dental practice in Las Vegas and tried to spend his off time with his best friend in Memphis. The two followed this pattern of back and forth visiting one another for many years. However, Rahim was ready for a change. The tide turned on New Year’s Eve when the kiss to ring in the new, brought passion neither expected nor would forget. Then he said words so tenderly to Mac, I nearly passed out alongside her. They were perfect a match, but Mackenzie was too afraid to go with her heart and go with her feelings for Rahim. She needed to just do it!  Lord knows he was a catch and some.  They had a minor dispute and went a few months of slight conversations if even that much. So, when the next break rolled around, things had changed between them dramatically, but not the way I had hoped. When the next break occurred, Mac and Rahim were in a not so right place. Mac did not know just how unright things were until she met Rahim’s girlfriend, Zakiya. I was not ready for Rahim to have a new bae in his life. Rahim’s relationship with Zakiya went on much longer than I wanted, and I wanted to have a little talk with Mackenzie for allowing the causation to grown in the first place. Mac’s cavalier approach in her relationship with Rahim was what she allowed to happen. I was not happy he moved on, uugh! I will admit, this was what she needed to see what was missing in her life. In Due Time was a well-told story by a prolific writer. 5 Stars. You’ll be a satisfied customer, I promise.

Review – In Due Time, by B. Love

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