Nicole is growing in her writing style. Anytime I want a crazy funny story; I know I can depend on Nicole to deliver a solid story. In this story, she gave us Juniper’s story. We’ve been begging her to write this story since she introduced Juniper Holliday. Juniper was the sister without a filter. If Juju thought it, she said whatever was on her mind. Although she’s the one with the easy-going life, she realized she was missing an ingredient to bring a little excitement in her lingerie (Nicole would say in her draws). The enthusiasm Juniper required revealed himself as Quincy Finley. Quincey and Juju had a connection which was nicely told and woven throughout the pages. The love scenes with the couple were precise visuals. The story was an easy, fun read.  I always enjoy with this author’s storytelling technique. Here’s my vote if you were wondering, Juju is forever my favorite Holliday Sister. 5-Stars.

Review – Started from a Selfie (Holliday Sisters Book 3), by Nicole Falls

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