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Ramsey (A St. Claire Novel) by Tina Martin 

Ramsey St. Claire juggles his new role as husband to Gianna while at the same time running a million-dollar empire – St. Claire Architects. While work is important, everyone who knows Ramsey knows Gianna is his number one priority. She’s his second chance at happiness, a chance he wasn’t expecting but one he’s grateful for.

He loves her.

More than life.

More than anything.

That’s why he hangs on so tight. Analyzes her movements. Loves her hard. Watches her closely.
Expecting their first child and still working at the bakery, Gianna is a woman who wears many hats. One thing she can always count on is the support of her loving husband. But does running the bakery, preparing for her little ‘cupcake’s arrival and an unforeseen request from her estranged mother bring more challenges than she can handle all at once?

* * *
The St. Claire Series:



Half & Half by Grey

I was open for him.
All night & all day.
Just like the coffee shop I’d met him at that day luck was on my side.

It was one cup of coffee.
My last five dollars.
And a sign of good faith.

Who’d ever known the man I given my last to would be Levee Billion, prominent figure and one of Huffington Mill’s most eligible bachelors. Did I mention he was filthy fxcking rich?

Just before he slid into his foreign whip, he’d left my mind in a frenzy and my body on fire. One wink and a thank you note with his number attached.

“Call me if you’re ever in need.”

Of course I was in need.
I had been since the day I smelled his obnoxious cologne.
Witnessed his intoxicating smile.
Been blessed with his lingering presence.

I’d become addicted.
His absence was vexatious.
Even, now, the thought of our differences keeping us apart had me strung out and stressed out.



If Only for a Season by Bertha Connally Abraham

Adam and B. J. grew up in the turbulent 1960s. The Vietnam war, unsettling riots across college campuses and unrest in just about every corner of America filled them with gloom. Even at home, they faced prejudice and poverty, but their community never let any of them forget that in this place dwelled an unconditional love. Adam and B. J. knew they had to seek a better life away from family and friends. Together? Why not? Out of a sense of hopelessness, they entered into a marriage of convenience. Was it a crazy idea? At the time, it felt like the only solution. But did they do the unthinkable? You decide…



The Colors We Make by Chelsea Maria

The change in the four seasons can prompt changes in us as human beings and the world around us. For Milan Butler, the change in the seasons meant her days of juggling books and late-night studying concluded and she would graduate from law school. Following in her Mother’s footsteps, Milan pushed her dreams of becoming a psychologist aside and picked up the gavel. Needing to release the frustration of not having the courage to take control over her life, she seeks comfort in the arms of not one but two men.
Open the dictionary and look up loyalty and sacrifice. There, you will find a picture of Hendrix Gordon. Owning one of the largest paper and printing outsourcing companies in South Florida, Hendrix and his family lived a life of many luxuries. A late night of celebration caused Hendrix to make a decision that would later shift his entire empire. After spending seven years in prison for taking the rap for a loved one, Hendrix is a free man with one goal – take back everything snatched from him.
After crossing paths with Milan, Hendrix knew from the moment her brown eyes lit up from seeing his drawing that she was the one for him, but when is love ever that easy? Giving into the desires of her heart, Milan takes a chance on Hendrix and soon realizes that the colors he painted on paper matched the array of colors he brought into her life. Will the colors they create together brush into a portrait worth hanging, or will the oil and water of their structure not mix and cause their colors to run dry?



Faith Under Fire (The Garden Book 2) by Gayle Phillips

Since he was a child, twenty-nine-year-old attorney, Derek Harper, never understood why his parents treated him as if he were the biggest mistake they ever made, and it left him believing and trusting in nothing or no one except himself. Until two years ago when he met restaurant owner and Christian, Gwendolyn Thibodeaux. The minute he set eyes on her, he felt a chemistry that was undeniable, but because she was a believer and he wasn’t, she was emphatic their relationship could never go beyond friendship, even though Derek was not willing to give up on her.
Twenty-eight-year-old, Gwendolyn Thibodeaux traveled to Oklahoma to attend the Christening of her best friend’s newborn son and to officially become his godmother. During her visit, she is reunited with Derek Harper, and after two years, could tell their attraction was still indisputably strong. But as far as Gwen was concerned, nothing had changed as far as not being unequally yoked with a non-believer.
But a mysterious stranger from her past is now stalking her, leaving mysterious letters and cryptic phone messages, and Derek leaves his home and practice in Oklahoma and travels to New Orleans to protect the woman he loves.
As the delusional stalker gets closer to the object of his obsession, Derek and Gwen frantically race to discover the identity of her tormentor, and in the process, Derek’s unbelief is spiritually challenged, and secrets from both their pasts are revealed that will put their faith under fire.



The Wanderer (The Shorts Book 5) by Nia Forrester

Returning home after a long sojourn abroad, Blu contemplates whether the time has finally come for her to put down some roots. Bryan, meanwhile, has been firmly rooted in one place and in one life for what now seems like far too long.

Close friends in college, they’re now on the other side of thirty, reconnecting by chance, and revisiting whether the choices they made back then should have included each other.



Whirlwind Love by A’Sunnshine

Twenty-seven-year-old, Pharaoh Sullivan is a jack of all trades in every way imaginable. Although, he’s a loving, caring husband that’s also a great provider, Mr. Sullivan just has one tiny flaw.

Twenty-four-year-old Trinidad Sullivan is everything a wife should be, and some. Pharaoh is the only man she has ever loved, but what’s a girl to do when she’s fed up with her husband’s foolery. When enough is enough, Trini takes matters into her own hands and start to dish out the same thing that her sweet Pharaoh is doing to her. Being torn between wanting out of her marriage or sticking it out, Trini is lost on what to do.

When the storm begins to brew a whirlwind of deceit, lies, and betrayal, will Trini and Pharaoh come out together or a part?



Love’s Sweet Melody: Decades: A Journey of African American Romance by Kianna Alexander

*LOVE’S SWEET MELODY is part of the Decades: A Journey of African American Romance series. Each book explores a decade between the 1900s and the 2010s. This book covers the 1940s.*

Autumn, 1946

Warner Hughes returns home from war with the lingering effects of battle. Abandoned by his sweetheart and ostracized by his community, he feels he has no real home.

Elizabeth “Betty” Daniels has one love: music. Betty’s family wants to see her married, busy with affairs of the home, leaving no time to pursue her art.

Warner’s only solace is in the sweet melody of Betty’s music. To Betty’s mind, marriage means giving up the freedom to pursue her art. Can Warner let love in, and can Betty make room for love?



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New Release Round-Up May 7th-13th

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