The Straightaway Series had so many turns. I was delighted with the way the story ended. The author gave readers a chance to see real life up close and personal. The main characters, Denise and Brian, went through a devastating experience in their marriage. At first, I wanted Denise to stand her ground with her husband and never give in to his incessant requests to forgive him. As the story progressed, it was apparent that it was not the best course of action in the whole scheme of things. One had to look past the hurt and see what was best for their family. The story had drama, love lost, and love restored, lots of hurt feelings, with eventual redemption at its core.

In this story, readers also witnessed two couples who were once best friends become enemies within their hearts. Denise and Kim once shared a bond that one would never have believed could’ve been broken. Brian and Denise were relationship goals, the couple to emulate. But as the old saying goes, “If left to chance, things can happen without warning”. And Denise was not prepared for the ultimate betrayal. In the last installment, Kim found a man to love her, and despite her past, he loved her anyway. Evan was a great guy. He loved Kim, even with the hurt and anguish from her past relationships. Denise struggled to get past the pain she’d endured from actions she was blindsided by. I’ll have to hand it to Brian, the guy worked hard to regain his wife’s love and trust. The ending was just the right measure of redemption for old friends and new lovers. No more turns needed this time. 5.0 Stars

Review – Straightaway: No More Left Turns, by Renee A. Moses

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