Sugar Rush was my first book by this author, and if the writing gets any better, with time, she will produce phenomenal works of literature. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this new author, so I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the writing for a first-time author.

The story featured a lawyer who was tired of being in that profession. Melanie Moore always conformed to her father’s expectations for her life. Until the infamous day, she chose to alleviate the pressure to succeed in a career she no longer wanted. Her future goal was to have a pastry shop. Melanie’s love of sweets was her sugar rush.  When the story began, her dream nearing fruition was a few paces away from happening.

Melanie shared the news to her father; she was leaving the firm through her written resignation, rather than speak with him privately. Now… that was not so nice. Even if her dad was a tyrant, he was owed better courtesy as her father. It seemed as though he behaved like a bully most of the time. I did not have kindness in regards to him. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate his point as the story progresses. Or, maybe you won’t.

Melanie’s dream came true. She finally had the chance to pursue her passion. After an early health scare as a child, Melanie’s family treated her with kid gloves and overprotectiveness.  Early in the story, her comfy lifestyle and confidence shattered when her doctor provided information she was not prepared to handle. From that point, the stories angst-filled emotions trounced and rambled through my heartstrings.

The good part of the story was having her brother Amad and her friend Cin to lean on. The support needed for the grand opening of the shop caused Melanie delightful anticipation, as well as much relief. At the 11th hour, a customer stopped by to get a sweet treat. The visitor was a proprietor of one of the nearby businesses and a friend of her brother Amad. Melanie would discover Kamali had a sweet tooth, much to her delight, as she owned Sweet Rush. His sweet tooth became a longing for Melanie’s heart.

Their first date cemented the attraction, and subsequent interactions proved to be the connection to help their relationship thrive. Kamali was a man who loved to nurture and coddle the woman in his life. His need to be helpful and supportive resonated with Melanie. The proceeding timetable would prove to be a much-needed trait when Melanie’s health crisis became a focal point in their relationship. Her previous condition facilitated her present health concerns.  Through all the strife, Kamali was her rock and her fortress.  Often, women hope that when they make a love connection, they find a gentleman who looks and behaves like Kamali. I enjoyed the way he supported Melanie through good and hard times. Also, Amad was the Rockstar brother we all need. In the end, this was a highly emotional story of true love and rising once again. The chemistry between Kamali and Melanie was electric. The story’s pace was fluid. And the overall feel of the story was simply incredible. My rating – 4.5 Stars.

Review – Sugar Rush, by A. Jones

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