Pia Harris was forced to spend yet another Valentine’s Day alone. She’d broken up with her ex Steve and this time she was not sure she wanted to spend it alone.  The novella is an abridged story, so my review will be even briefer. So, don’t whine about the length, blame it on Alexandria.

Pia read a flyer for a party which included Valentine’s hook-ups. How fitting for a Marketing account manager to consider such an event.  During the evening, Pia had quite a few suitors to approach her to no avail. When one guy tried his hand, his outcome was much different from the others. The new guy always had a crush on Pia and was more than happy to see her at the same place. After sharing a meal and conversation, he and Pia decided to call it a night. I suspect- It was the best Valentine’s Day Pia’d experienced in a while. Who would blame her for wanting to have a handsome man with a ravishing appetite enjoying her private domain for an evening?   The story was very sexy and stimulatingly good. You’ll need to read this one. Wow! 4.5 Stars.

Review – Baby, Be Mine: A Short Story, by Alexandria House

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