I like a story about a regular dude or dudette in everyday situations. The author’s series this time had a bake-off between two chefs in a challenge to win a tricked-out food truck. Now if that isn’t everyday people, then I don’t know what to tell you. The premise for the story was executed with precision as it related to the contest. The couple met on registration day for the food truck contest in line as their names put them nearby. From the initial meeting to the time the match began, it was apparent the pair kinda, sorta liked one another. The name calling and bantering were funny to me, but it might be off-putting for some. The back story with Marvin’s former instructor made me laugh out loud. Naomi’s storyline was the part of the story I liked best. I’ll warn you, the sexual encounters were over the top sometimes, but it’s not my story to tell, so there you have it. 3.9 Stars.

Review – Sweet Heat (Blue-Collar Lover #3), by Zuri Day

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