The third book in the series was quite busy with so much going on in each character’s tale. Ashahve Glasper had so many crooks and turns that made her wish for the drama to subside long enough to breathe. Her relationship with her manic professor Elijah Coleman stopped when she began her relationship in earnest with Omari Watson. But old habits die hard when a person has a weakness for love and a need for emotional relief. When Ashahve found herself in a dilemma involving both Elijah and Omari, both men could lose more than their connected interest in Ashahve. The three became interconnected again, and a baby played an intricate part of their shared relationship. The way the author unfolded the plot showed more about her growth and storytelling technique. The saying to keep your friends close and enemies closer was the ultimate truth for Ashahve’s friends. The ending of the story was surreal. 4.0 stars.

Review – Show Me You Still Want It (Behind Closed Doors Book 3), by Monica Walters

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