If readers have not read books about the Wilkerson, then this story might not be where to start with their saga. Although this is a standalone novel, word to the wise, read the previous books to understand better how the other characters relate to this story. However, it is up to the reader to decide.
The author’s synopsis identifies the story as a friend to the enemies’ tale. Okay, I agree it is, but with a slight twist. Andrew ‘Drew’ Wilkerson is a light-skinned brother with blue eyes, and even though I love chocolate on a man, this guy could get it. Sorry, for the digression. Drew was a lawyer who represented celebrity clients in the sports and entertainment industry. Drew’s right-hand person was his friend of 15 years, Avery Coleman. Drew represented his high-powered superstar brother and managed to stay sober. His brother was a riot to work alongside. His presence added to the story. You guys will see what this was about as the story progresses. Although it was evident to everyone who encountered the pair, Drew and Avery pretended the chemistry between them was nonexistent. Let’s all call BS. Ray Charles, Steve Wonder, and the Gospel Group Blind Boys of Alabama could see the love between the co-workers.
Here’s the twist. It was flabbergasting when Avery announced she was getting married to this guy named Jonathan. First, who the heck was Jonathan, and second, how did he get past Drew’s sonic boom radar system? The events of that day began the spiral for Drew and Avery, and their long-term friendship was at stake. The weeklong Wilkerson compound outing was the place where Avery and Drew realized their fate was in a lousy flux. The fun parts always involved Kenneth, Jeremy, and Carlos. They were hilarious in the way they called Drew out about his feelings for Avery. Later, when Drew made plans to crash the wedding to keep his girl all for himself, this was too funny. Hey Drew! Admit you love Avery and quit scheming. In the story, some things revealed were surprising, but overall the story had a high flow, the characters were easy to see, and the storyline was a snap to follow. The story was fabulous garnering five (5) stars from this reviewer. No doubt, the next book will be just as much fun.

Review – The Breakup Plan, by Tia Kelly

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