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The Illumination of Ginger (Holliday Sisters Book 4) by Nicole Falls

Ginger Holliday is entering into a season of change, but refusing to let go of the old ways without a fight. Her stubborn insistence on clinging to the way things used to be results in a hodgepodge of emotional revelations–some good, some bad…all necessary.



The Culmination of Everything (Sugar Valley Book 1) by Christina C. Jones

Losing everything doesn’t have to be the end.
Sometimes, it’s a chance to find something different.





I Should’ve Chosen You by Chelsea Maria

“Love is blind, and it will take over your mind. What you think is love, is truly not. You need to elevate and find.” – Eve
No one knew more about love than Capone Elliott. Since a little girl dressing up in her princess dresses and wearing her mothers’ heels, she knew that falling in love with Prince Charming was in her destiny. Going off to college, she spared no time opening her heart to the first man that seemed worthy of her love. Her heart was desperate to find that happily ever after love she’d been reading about all her life. However, when she stumbled upon Travis Graham, she ignored the warning that not every frog will turn into a prince.
Unlike Capone who chased after love, Pacino Luciano wanted no parts of it. Focused on expanding the Luciano Cartel throughout the south, Pacino never thought that one late night of driving out in the country would cross his path with a woman from his past. Being the enforcer in the streets kept Pacino’s heart on ice. The first time he crossed paths with Capone, she carried more baggage than he desired to deal with, but he always promised himself that if by chance she came back into his life, he would try his hand at that thing called love.
Capone wanted rainbows and roses. Pacino murdered without remorse. Two people from two separate worlds having one common need. Each other. Hearts are tied, and two families are merged in hopes of keeping the other alive. What will happen when lines are drawn and the truth is revealed?

*Please note: This is a 76,000 word urban romance standalone novel.*



Seasons of Fidelity: Season Two by Takerra Allen

In season 2, love prevails, two broken souls form a rebellious bond, and another pair is so damaged they can’t possibly progress beyond friendship.
With bitter endings come new beginnings. The cast of Seasons is back and in the same place we left them – within their individual worlds yet again without the delirium their coexistence brings.
That is, until a blow knocks the cosmos out of synch and unites them under punishing circumstances for another round of emotional TAG.
Justice, Dice, Aleeya, and Yael will all have to share space again. What will happen when they come face-to-face with such unfinished affairs?
Meanwhile Ray and Regina are suffering a devastating loss that will either bring them closer together – despite already being in committed relationships with spouses to lean on – or put more distance between two old friends who haven’t quite learned one another again.
Season 2 is a Ferris wheel of emotions, that in the end, will leave some brought back down to solid ground and some left sitting in the clouds.
Others just may be let off the ride altogether.
Get comfortable and fall back into the world of this complex cast. Seasons of Fidelity has been renewed for a second season!



Vigilant Love (McAllister Security Book 3) by Té Russ

Newly appointed District Attorney Trish Barnes is determined to win the biggest case of her career and nothing is going to stop her…not even her life being in danger. When Boomer Thompson steps up to protect her, Trish quickly realizes that the man who once had her heart, just might still have it.

Boomer never thought Trish would ever be back in his life, but here she is and she needs him now more than ever. He’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe, but he realizes that he’s also in danger…of falling in love with her all over again.



Journey to You by S. Rêver

What happens when one eventful night turns friends into lovers?

JaZelle is a recent graduate trying to figure her life out. One eventful night during her high school graduation trip changes her friendship with her long-time best friend into more. Fast forward five years, she finally graduates college, and it seems as though history is repeating itself. This time, it causes JaZelle to run for the hills.

Trey Clarkson, a football player at Prairie View University, is JaZelle’s best friend. He’s secretly been in love with her since he met her his sophomore year of high school in Spanish class. One event after the next pulls them closer together, but what happens when things move too fast causing friction in a once unbreakable bond?

Follow these two as we find out if the Journey to You is worth it.



Lady Guardians: Bankrolled by J.L. Campbell

Strong-willed and independent, Bo ‘Spice’ Casserly will do what’s necessary for her family’s well-being. She’s wary of relationships, but when she meets Imari Newsome—who holds the key to keeping her business afloat—she can’t help thinking he might be the man to change her mind.

Bo is unlike any woman Imari has ever met. She’s used to doing things her own way and isn’t about to change her lifestyle to suit him. He doesn’t understand the bond with her motorcycle club and thinks there’s a connection between The Grove Lady Guardians and the person who’s stalking Bo.

Either there’s something sinister about the club or Bo is keeping secrets that may put both their lives at risk. Imari must decide whether he can stand the heat or walk away from the woman who has come to mean the world to him.



Ethic 2 by Ashley Antoinette

Love should burn slow, but with Ezra “Ethic” Okafor it is always fast and fleeting. After an accidental killing affects Alani, the woman he loves, she thinks he’s a monster. Separated by tragedy, the pair endure a loss like nothing they have ever felt and their connection is impossible to repair.

Ethic is reduced to misery and raising his children alone once again. With Morgan in the throes of a passionate love affair and Bella in need of guidance that he can’t provide, Ethic is in turmoil. He’s failing as a man and the fingerprint he is leaving on the world is a bloody one.

In this second installment of this epic love story, Ashley Antoinette taps into the soul of her readers as she explores the limits of love and forgiveness. Is anything truly unforgivable? Or is Ethic the one man who can love a woman back from the edge of madness.



Speak Your Heart (Obnoxious Boss Book 1) by T D Barrett

Neema Davis, a talented free spirit, is jobless and needs a life plan. Her cousin, Angelique Renée, demands a personal assistant for an island trip. Hard to tell her ego-centered and obnoxious cousin “no” since Neema feels indebted to her cousin, aunt and uncle who gave her a stable environment from her itinerant alcoholic mother as a child.

Dumped six years ago by Angelique, Nate Collins, ex-NFL Pro Bowler and partner of an island resort, finally gets the nerve up to rekindle his relationship with her at the beautiful Jabari Haven Resort on Collama Island.

Neema stepped in as a platonic friend when her cousin abandoned Nate during his career-ending injury. Learning how to walk and accomplishing simple tasks, Nate received cheer and hope from Neema daily.

Neema fell in love. Nate distanced their relationship and left town.

Six years later; a captivated island, betrayal, tropical storm, abandonment issues, caramel cake, and music for the soul, will Neema and Nate come to terms of what love looks like when they speak their Hearts.

****This book contains profanity and sexual content. If that’s not your cup of tea, then this book is not for you.



Eight Weeks (The Love Timer Series) by Keitra Crooks

If you could find out exactly when you would meet the love of your life; would you want to know?

Anya Lewis was so busy jumping from city to city that she never had time to develop a relationship of substance. So, when a friend asked her to accompany her to see Madame Laurent, a local fortune teller, Anya was a little skeptical but went along. She sat down with Madame Laurent and after answering a few questions, she gave Anya her timing device with the explicit warning that it would light up when she met her soul mate.

Two years later, Anya had yet to meet her soul mate and thought the whole timer business was just a hoax. She was ready to tear the timer necklace off of her neck when it started to glow. Lo and behold, standing in front of her was Terrance, who came over and asked to sit next to her in the Seattle airport. She hit it off with him instantly as they waited for their plane back home to Atlanta and by the end of the flight, they were inseparable. Anya was falling for him but there was one problem; she was leaving back for Seattle in eight weeks.

Terrance Thompson wasn’t looking for anything serious but when he met Anya at the airport; something was different about her. She was smart, funny and gorgeous; and Terrance was enjoying every minute with her. It didn’t help that he knew she was leaving in a few short months; making it the perfect situation. It was perfect because after being married and having children, Terrance was not looking for another Mrs. Thompson.

As the time moves closer for her departure to Seattle, will Anya be able to leave? And can Terrance risk his heart on a woman who plans to leave him in Eight Weeks?



Make Time For Love (The Love Timer Series) by Trina Crooks

If you could find out exactly when you would meet the love of your life; would you want to know?

Paige Matthews refused to give up on love. Even after her ex cheated on her with his much younger assistant, Paige was still keeping her heart open to the possibility. She heard great things about Madame Laurent, a fortune teller who was known for her exact timing love devices, so Paige decided to pay her a visit. After that love reading she was ready to move to her new city for her new job with her timer in hand. Before long the timer goes off and she finds herself in the arms of Malcolm—literally.

Malcolm Jamison didn’t have time for love. He spent his days dealing with his growing construction business and his sixteen-year-old son who was now living with him full time, occupied his nights. There was little room for anything else. Until he met Paige and she proved to be just what he, and his son, were missing. She was definitely the woman he had to make time for.

Their romance heats up fast and the two find themselves spending all of their free time together. But with Malcolm’s life getting more complicated, will he be able to juggle all of his responsibilities and still give Paige the time she craves? And will some hurtful words by Malcolm cause Paige to wonder—could her love timer be wrong?



Abusing My Love: A Novella by Chiquita

Meet Daesyn Boyd; a young and ambitious woman whose charm and dazzling personality captures the heart’s of almost anyone she meets. Flourishing in her career as a social worker, one would think that Daesyn has it all together. Unbeknownst to outsiders though, her life is slowly falling apart, and her boyfriend, Emeric is the cause.

Emeric Barnes is the type of man everyone should have on their team. Spending his days as an A-List scouting agent, Emeric longs for the one thing he’s missing from his picture perfect life – a wife. Although he isn’t truly ready for the commitment, he takes a chance when he proposes to his longtime girlfriend, Daesyn. Their life was great, until one day, Emeric takes a turn for the worst, and quickly turns into a person that neither he or Daesyn recognize.

They say love is worth fighting for, but what happens when the scars from the battle become more than emotional? Will Daesyn and Emeric make it down the aisle, or will their love story end in a tragic heartbreak?



Dear, Promise: The Letter Chronicles by N.L. Hudson

Estranged Promise Macias has been away from her family for over three and a half years. She had no intentions of ever returning home until a tragedy hit her family. Being the loyal person that she is, Promise quickly races home without any questions. Her plan was to only be there for just a brief period while she dealt with her family issues, but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. Promise soon finds herself getting sucked right back into a similar situation that had her running before; only this time Promise isn’t so sure that she’ll be able to escape safely.
When a new love interest, Ezaan, enters her life Promise tries her best to just focus on him. The thing is, she’s unaware that he’s connected to the one thing that’s pushing her away. What will Promise do when she finds out, and more importantly what will Ezaan do when he finds out Promise is not who she claims to be?

This story is about love, lies, and betrayal. No one is who they say they are, and things are definitely not what they seem to be!



Sing to My Soul: Yours to Keep by Marina J.

Love is like music. Pure. Fluent. Unconditional. There are a ton of love songs that can convey even the simplest emotion.

Davon Miller was the All-American kid. Straight A’s with a 4.0 grade average and a mother who loved him to death kept him on the straight and narrow. Knowing that he was designed for greatness someday, Davon did all he could to achieve his dream. His end goal: President of the United States.

Ananda Lawson was the ‘IT’ girl in the Chicago courtroom. Known for being tough, stubborn and having a 100% turnaround rate, it was no wonder she was a shoo-in for the District Attorney position once her mentor retired.

When these two powerhouses finally meet, it creates a beautiful love song. A song so amazing that it would take a disaster to destroy it and that may not even work. When Davon and Ananda become involved, it sets off a love story so strong that their bond can’t be broken, or can it?

Ayana Sampson isn’t letting go of her man so easily. She was willing to do any and everything to get her man back and keep him. What she didn’t expect was to be stopped at every turn. Is she really willing to do anything though? Her heart says she is.

Chaos erupts in all of the lives in this epic love story but who will come out unscathed? Will Davon and Ananda be able to continue to sing the love song of their hearts to each other or will Ayana be victorious?

Nothing says scandal better than this!



Bleeding Kisses by Santana Dash

When love happens, it strikes like a bolt of lightning, not preparing you for the array of emotions that are set to come. Dralen was caught off guard when his high school crush emerged, prompting the puppy love feelings to surface. Garcelle had been every man’s dream, but Dralen never had the courage to approach her. Now as a grown man, he felt like the time was right for him to make an advance toward the woman he’s always wanted. The two hit it off pretty well, but Dralen was keeping a secret so severe that he knew it would ravage the relationship he was attempting to build with Garcelle.

Follow Dralen on his quest to secure the woman he’d yearned for and keep his private life under wraps at the same time.



Forever Ain’t Enough by Shelia E. Bell

Dray and Chynna were a perfect couple…well, let’s back up. Dray and Chynna had a tumultuous relationship during their seven years together but it worked for them. That is, until Chynna pushed the buttons of their relationship to the point of no return with her jealous and abusive ways.

When Dray meets Bethany, she is everything Chynna isn’t. To push Chynna’s violent buttons even more, Dray and Bethany become engaged, Chynna is enraged and all hell breaks loose. He promised Chynna they would be together forever. So what happened, and what lengths will Chynna go through to sever the ties that bind Dray to, sweet, innocent, successful Bethany, his newly chosen bride-to-be.



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New Release Round-Up October 15th-21st

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