The Color Spectrum: Ivory (The Color Spectrum Duet Book 1) Sabrina ELB Scales
The author is known for writing books to make one feel all sorts of emotions. Honestly, this story was emotional and poignant in the way the author told this passionate story. Skin color has had a profound effect on many black families from the time Africans were ripped from the continent to become pawns for the elite. The story dealt with a black family with issues of color and class. A grandmother who was unwilling to accept both her twin set of grandchildren with differences in the color spectrum. Ivory and her twin sister Ebony’s names did not match their skin tones. Because Ivory was the darker twin, she was treated badly by her grandmother. Her grandmother was a royal pain and supercilious witch. The story was so emotional; it took a few days to write this review.
Ivory was an interesting ball of emotional turmoil brought about by her grandmother’s harsh words and unholy demeanor. Overall, the story was fascinating and eloquently written. Ivory was a chocolate beauty fashion designer dealing with a myriad of issues associated with her family. When she met Remy the cake baker called Cake Bae, she was in for the ride of her life. Remy also had some familial situations. The way the author penned the story, it was easy to love both main characters. The couple’s novel went through the back and forth with both dealing with their family issues singularly, and eventually, they gelled together. The natural maturation in their relationship was an evolution of love. The author told this story with such an emotional flair and allowed readers to become invested with each page. The story took readers on an emotional ride that will deliver a highly rated review. 5-Stars!


The Color Spectrum: Ebony (The Color Spectrum Duet Book 2) Chencia C. Higgins
The second story in this series delivered another powerful pitch and swagger readers will not expect as the story unfolded with an unrelenting force. Ebony found her match in a store owner named Saleem. Saleem came into Ebony’s life at a point where she was feeling lonely. In this story, Ebony had an irrational way of dealing with all the issues going on in her life. The way in which Ebony first met Saleem was love, lust, and hate at first sight. The explanation or the reason why Ebony did what she did was fascinating. Saleem and Ebony drew to one another at first sight and the connection was magical. Their pull and being drawn to one another was how the story embarked upon a dramatic adventure fit for a marvelous story.
Ebony was always willing to fight at the drop of a hat and it was fun to watch the events unfold in their story. Saleem was all the way ALPHA and supplied any need Ebony thought she had or wanted. Bravo to both authors for doing a fabulous story of dealing with the colorism issues at the base of the connection and making this tale a fabulous story. The story had so many nuances that it was as emotional as the first story. It was an enjoyable read and met all the qualifications for marvelous elocutions about love. A great read worth 5 Stars.

Review – The Color Spectrum Duet, by Sabrina E L B Scales & Chencia C. Higgins

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