The author is relatively new on the scene and so far, the writing is interesting enough to read most of the books in the catalog. The current story drew this reviewer’s attention because the title piqued my interest enough to delve into the book to get the backstory and the plot. Aiden and Jennifer’s story began with a quick progression. Even with the way their relationship progressed so quickly, it was believable.

In the story, Jennifer’s problems stemmed from trust issues associated with her mother. Coincidentally, Aiden’s trust issues also associated with a female. So, the paring for this couple had stress issues from the start. Anytime secrets become a part of the relationship makeup; there is always the potential for misunderstandings and mistrust. Jennifer was freshly broken up at the start of the story and already had her guards elevated in the way she interacted with men. The friends in her life always seemed to have suggestions for what she should do in her relationships. I had a skeptical feeling about the ladies in general.

Aiden’s relationship with his family had yet another dynamic to explore in the story. A few of the twists added unexpected drama to the plot. The way the author introduced the couple’s working conditions were yet another part of the story to explore. Aiden was hesitant to reveal his employment status, and that will prove to be a problem as the story evolves. His mother, sister, and brothers added more dimension to the story. His little sister was too funny. I liked the way she spoke her mind. Jennifer’s job was nice, but her extracurricular activities as a dancer and instructor added to the story. That proved to be a factor in the story’s progression as well. Overall, I liked the way the relationship build-up and the climax developed. The layers to the story had some complexities this reviewer did not anticipate. And, in the end, the tale was worth the read. 4.0 Stars.

Review – Running from Love, by J. Nichole

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