For some reason, the hero in the story held my heart from the start of his story. We all know sexual addiction is a real thing; I just wish I had encountered this sexy beast in my heyday. I know… So, shoot me.  But for real.  King Smith was the man, and Shauna McIntyre was the real deal. From the very first story, it was apparent King Smith loved sex, and he was addicted to the act. The first story helped him come to terms with his addiction and face his demons head-on. I was also happy when Shauna chose to support her man.

Somewhere in all the bliss, the tides turned because both she and King were spending more time working than being with one another. The sex between them was still off the charts hot, but there seemed to be a lot going on neither was willing to address. And to top it all off, King was stressing about the new soundtrack he was supposed to record for an upcoming movie. He was having a mountain of problems getting past his stress-induced writer’s block. He also had not shared this information with Shauna, so a big part of what made King tick, he held back from her. I have artistic family members, so I am familiar with the quirky side of how they think and process things.

I was not expecting King to leave the reservation with all his couth and brain power out to lunch. King’s solution to his writer’s block was to involve a former flame. I am a secure woman with my man, but I was a little worried about this new twist in the story. I expected Silk Matthews to wreak havoc and be on her merry way. But Oh No! Girlfriend pulled up a chair and took a seat at the table. Then the author of the book the film was based, started to pay Shauna too much attention, and as the story progressed, it was apparent Shauna, and King’s relationship was in troubled waters.

Jake Vasquez came along in time to catch Shauna when she fell, and Silk was ready and willing to claim King as her love/lover again, without reservations. I was so in my feeling when all the turmoil tore at my heart.  I was not ready for King to go back to be the sex-addicted feign who slept around. I did not want his and Shauna’s relationship to go by the wayside, only because he chose to act like a man, instead of being Her Man.

The backstory with Lamar had him still struggling with his ex, Calla and her crazy manipulative ways. Calla, this time around had some redeeming qualities. Lamar’s story finished out this story and will serve as the lead in for his story coming next. I was not ready for this story to end, thankfully, we’ll see more of Shauna and King in the coming books.  5 Stars.

Review – The Follow 2: Blocked (The Follow Series), by Eliza David

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