The story started out with me laughing and nearly splitting my sides.  So, readers are you prepared to laugh, and holla? Just remember you heard this warning here.  Londyn and her friends were dreading going to a party hosted by her feisty mother and friends. The cast of characters, so much fun; I could hardly contain my laughter much of this novel.

Londyn and her brother Eric had to contend with a progressively hip mother Annie, who made no qualms about being a naughty not necessarily nice, not so old vixen. Kahlid, another friend, was no doubt along for the ride and fed Ms. Annie’s ego nicely. And then there was Chance Washington who looked like Odell Beckham, without the blonde hair, was Eric’s best friend. Chance’s mom was also a card-carrying member of Ms. Annie’s Possie. Most of the characters were smart-elecks. Can anyone name a person who doesn’t enjoy a good smack talking story with snappy dialogue? I’ll wait for you to think about my question. Okay, times up. That’s what I thought…

I’ll give you an example to ponder; you’ll need to read the story to put the snarky comments in context with the story. Please remember it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Kahlid’s comment about male seahorses giving birth to 2000 lil n-words was so unnecessary, but funny indeed.  So, let us get to the end of the party. Can you visualize late 40s-60 something grown women in risque attire? I know, I had a time with that visual myself. And the fact that Annie was the ringleader of the twerking and dance-off experience gave my heart a happy vibe. Chance arrived at the right moment to rescue Londyn from having to ride in a police car home. You’ll need to see what that was concerning. Chance was having a time with Little Londyn’s newfound curves and the fact that she was Eric’s sister, his best friend. You’ve heard the expression, ‘the heart wants, what the heart wants.’ That night his heart wanted Londyn. The next day was yet another matter. After getting their relationship off to a shaky start, Londyn and Chance decided to keep their relationship on the DL so that Eric would not blow a gasket. I tried to tell them that was not a good idea, but Londyn would not listen.

Later on, Chance was acting like a simpleton; when he chose to trip about Kahlid and Londyn’s friendship, I was so ready to scream at him. Why is it men think it’s impossible to have friends of opposite sex?  They claim to have female friends, so why can’t we, maybe because they often have friends with benefits arrangements. A few other things about this story you will find appealing, Nubia Perry gets a mention and a few movie references that were too cute. I’ll never be able to watch Frozen again with a straight face. And a few statements of note,‘ Your thing in mine and then the remix.’ Who thinks of stuff like this?

We all know a mean girl will pop up to try and get in between Londyn and Chance, but things work out just the way they were suppose to happen. And the reckoning with Eric, in the end, was not as bad as they initially thought. The story was funny, fun and an excellent read. I loved the characters, and the sexy scenes were ooooo la la good! Excellent storytelling, 5 Stars.

Review – The Games We Play, by Alexandra Warren

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