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Runaway Love by Té Russ*

Michelle Drake manages everything and everyone to perfection. Everyone except herself. When it lands her in the hospital, she has no choice but to follow doctor’s order: decompress. When her best friend helps her “runaway from home”, her only plan is to chill out and enjoy her long overdue time off. But an unexpected visitor on her doorstep and her sexy as sin neighbor shake up those plans.
Those stony glares and razor sharp tongue of hers may intimidate other men, but Lucas LeRoux is unfazed by them. He knows beneath that tough exterior there’s a softness, like the curves of her body he felt when she accidentally landed in his arms. He’s determined to make her his and he’s just the man for the task of tearing down the walls she’s built up and get her to finally let her hair down and enjoy life, not just manage it all of the time.



The Sweetest Revenge by Grey*

After four years of a staggering situationship, Earth finally comes to grips with the fact that her bedmate, Premise, is uninterested in changing their status. She’s the only one to blame and takes full responsibility for the lack of commitment he’s shown throughout their time together. As another year rolls around, and their fifth anniversary approaches, Earth decides that she can no longer withstand his ill-treatment and the neglecting of her deepest desires. She conjures a plan and, strategically, dismantles Premise from his core with a simple tap of her finger and flick of her wrist.

For Premise, the term, “What you won’t do, another will,” doesn’t quite hold relevance in his life until he’s on the receiving end of indescribable pain caused by the woman he thought would continue to wait in vain until he noticed her.



Loved by a Memphis Hoodlum by B. Love*

Ives, Wren and Maverick Gaye’s lives were planned out for them before they were even born. Not just by God, but by their earthly father. Ivory Gaye has headed the largest criminal organization in Memphis for the past twenty years. His iron fist gained fear and respect, while his community involvement gained love. And because of who he is, his daughters are known as royalty.

Haze, Cruz, and Quest Humphreys travel all across the United States taking over every cartel that their father, Carl, commands. When these brothers return to Memphis, they expect business to be their priority as usual. That changes the moment they meet the Gaye sisters.

As Ivory ages, he stresses more and more the importance of learning the family business, getting degrees in his chosen fields and marrying the men he chose for them all. Marriage in his eyes is a matter of power, wealth and partnership. There is no room for love. Because of this, Ivory makes it his mission to marry his daughters off one by one as they finish college.

For all of their lives, the Gaye sisters have grown up under their father’s leadership, control and order – willingly going along with his plans every step of the way. Will the return of the Humphreys brothers be the end of the Gaye’s reign and the beginning of love for all… or will Ivory find a way to make them bow to his rule?



A Secret Desire: Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance by Kaia Danielle

A headstrong widow finds herself in the arms of the one man she shouldn’t want in a 1912 all-Black beach resort.

With funds running low, widow Halle Duncan’s only means for survival is to revive her late husband’s abandoned dream: a summer getaway where their people can relax and enjoy themselves, free from the weight of prejudice. An arranged union had forced her to marry young. Now once again, society dictates that she have a man by her side to succeed. But, Halle is in no rush to remarry, or even take a lover — until an old family friend appears to tempt her with forbidden fruit.

Nick Green has been in love with Halle Duncan since he first glimpsed her years ago. Back then, he had no intention of disrespecting his mentor, and she had been his wife. Even after the old man’s death, Nick vowed to keep his distance. But when an unscrupulous land investor threatens to snatch away Halle’s resort, Nick is forced to get closer than even he could have imagined.



Kissing Strangers: Tainted Love by Michelle Mitchell

Kissing Strangers is a collection of short stories exploring the complicated relationships of Brittain, Darren, and Heidi.

When Kenneth proposed to Brittain, she said I do without hesitation. He was her ideal guy, and she would’ve probably always felt that way, if she had never met his wife.

Darren loves Trish with all of his heart, but nothing he does is enough for her. The same day he decides to take action in rebuilding his marriage, he realizes his wife is doing more than giving up on their marriage. She’s stepping out on it all together.

Heidi’s had enough of her husband Patrick, and she’s devised a plan to pack up that part of her life. But closing that chapter proves to be difficult when she finds out her husband’s involved in something far worse than an affair.



Heart of Crystal: Book One: Trust Me by Obelia Akanke

Crystal was permanently scarred by her ex-boyfriend last semester. After a few months of attending a writers’ group she joined as a form of therapy, Mario, the group leader and a spoken word artist, asks her out. She is reluctant to start another intimate relationship, so things are further complicated when a second group member pursues her. Secrets are exposed, tension mounts, and tempers flare as Crystal struggles to discover who she can trust. As the end-of-the-year performance gets closer, pressure builds as students prepare to compete for a win – for a career boost…and for Crystal’s heart.



The Follow 2: Blocked (The Follow Series) by Eliza David

“They say walking away from the one you love is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do…”

King Smith is blocked.

The R&B superstar’s latest project is producing the soundtrack for the book-to-film, Everything in the Stars. When the crooner hits a writer’s block, he links up with his former songwriting partner (and former lover) songstress Silk Matthews for inspiration. Soon, the two rekindle their creative spark and the sensual memories of their romance resurface.

Social media exec Shauna McIntyre supports her boyfriend King, but struggles with his reunion with Silk. King’s late nights at the studio with the sexy siren begin to take a toll on her. When tensions reach a fever pitch, Shauna finds comfort in an unlikely source: Everything in the Stars novelist Jake Vasquez.

This anticipated sequel to The Follow finds a love affair in peril. Will a shot at a hit song destroy King and Shauna’s love, forcing them to find solace in the arms of new (and old) loves?

BONUS CONTENT: The first chapter of the spin-off novella, The Lamar St. Jon Experience, is included.



The Love: A Collection of Shorts by BriAnn Danae

“Love isn’t always perfect, but it’s always worth it.”

In Issue 01 of The Love, indulge in Isis, Kenzy, Ameelah and Val’s love lives. Each story is a first-person account of their journey to love… or what they assumed for it to be. Find out what happens when a school teacher becomes the student, the good girl catches feelings, a married duo celebrates Valentine’s Day, and the love shared between a couple makes your heart swell.



The Sweetest Surrender: Falling for a Rose Book 8 by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Effervescent, Fearless, and self-assured, Selena Strauss is always the life of the party. Her buoyant personality is a pleasure to be around causing her to garner the attention of a hot commodity she’s had her eyes on for a while. Being in the proximity of her walking wet-dream, Selena finds herself immensely infatuated with the possibility of their relationship flourishing into something much more. That is until the reality of her parent’s divorce becomes the focal point of Selena’s life, and suddenly Selena’s not so sure that the happily ever after she’s chasing is real.

Jordan Alexander Rose is unapologetic about his ninety-five percent success rate. As co-owner and lead partner of Rose and Garnett LLC, every move Jordan makes is calculated, methodical, and planned for a spirited outcome. That’s why when the woman he’s dating, Selena Strauss, begins to lose hope in love; Jordan sets out to win a case that involves more than just a sealed victory, but a succumbed submission of Selena’s mind, body, and spirit. He’s never been a man to give up and teaching Selena a lesson on true love will invoke her sweetest surrender.

The Falling for a Rose series follows each member of the Rose family as they explore this thing called love. However, each book is just as enjoyable if read as a standalone as it is if read in the series order.



Mr. and Mrs. Jones: An Erotic Love Story by Brookelyn Mosley

Welcome to Hollywood. A town that challenges true love in an industry where relationships survive off illusions.

Melodee Delon and Amir Jones went from being just friends to passionate lovers. But will the change from lovers to committed spouses be as much of a success?

Evolving from a nobody to a somebody overnight sent Melodee’s world spinning. Life changed for her the moment she accepted Amir’s marriage proposal in front of millions. Their whirlwind romance continues without a hitch, but not without its ups and tragic downs.

Their love blooms as husband and wife, true. But an unexpected event strains the trust in their relationship and threatens their happy ending soon after they say, “I do.”

Moving to a zip code where glitz and glamour is protocol and being strategically genuine is a priority does a great job at complicating things between them. This forces Melodee out of her element and makes her underestimate people’s true motives. With Amir by her side though, she’s willing to adjust and face her new reality in an industry where gossip mavens give rumors the same respect as facts. But what happens when the one thing that almost pulled them apart the first time, loyalty, tests their bond once again?

Can their relationship and love for each other survive the turbulence of being married in Hollywood? Or will the hedonistic illusion of Hollyweird suck them in then spit them out with no love left to salvage?

Catch up with a couple who will steal your heart and take you on an emotional roller coaster one last time in the sequel to Girl Code… Mr. & Mrs. Jones!



Still Stoned: Breaking Stone by Deshon Dreamz

How could the one thing keeping love together, be the thing that is tearing it apart? As the old saying goes, “If it feels too good to be true, it more than likely is.”

Raheem couldn’t recall a moment in his life when he felt so full. Having Eryanna and his daughter has created a shift inside of him that he thought no one would be able to deter. He finally has his piece of peace and vows to do everything within his power to protect it.

With the slow and deliberate unraveling of her marriage, Serenity believes that her return to Raheem’s life will consist of makeup sex and a happily ever after. However, she sees her chances of being with Raheem fading at the hands of his beloved toy, Eryanna Santos.

Two steps behind. That’s how Eryanna feels in regards to Serenity and Raheem. She’s still young, figuring out what she wants out of life all the while struggling to keep her relationship with Raheem afloat. She changed for him, believing that he was also changing for her.

Love isn’t supposed to hurt, but over and over again it has presented itself as a challenge to this union. Even love grows tired of being taken advantage of. The final installment of this Crowned exclusive will take you on a journey to the Valley and beyond that but will love win or fall to deceit?


#BlackLoveMagic: A Valentine’s Anthology by Authors of AIP 

Love is a beautiful thing. Especially when you can share it with someone who has no problem returning it. From sensual and saved poetry to heartfelt stories of adoration, this anthology from some of Anointed Inspirations Publishing’s most gifted authors and poets will be sure to leave you breathless!


Baby Be Mine (A Novella) by Shantaè Knox

After being disappointed by her husband yet again, Camryi Michaels is officially fed up. Tossing her wedding ring and thoughts of Dino aside, she makes a decision that impacts not only her marriage but the lives of countless others.
The plans have been made and the room has been booked. All Camryi needs now is a man that’s willing to step in as Dino’s replacement for the weekend. Luckily, she doesn’t have to look very far.
When Jahshua Williams took a seat at the hotel bar, he had no idea how that simple act or the gorgeous woman seated a few spaces down would turn his entire world upside down.
In this spicy Valentine’s Day novella, a weekend fling quickly heats up, birthing a connection that neither Camryi or Jahshua bargained for and they’ll soon learn the true meaning of the saying, it’s a small world…



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!


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New Release Round-Up February 12th-18th

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