Ginger always made a nice impression in each story, and the expectation for her story fulfilled the checklist perfectly. The story was fun-check. The sisters were always saying cheeky things-check. A hot guy had a leading role-check. And lastly, the story had a satisfying ending-check. Josh and Ginger’s relationship span several years. The bump in the road met them head on and with full force. The change in the season caused a “what the heck was going on with her man” moment for Ginger. The pain of it all reared its ugly head when she started to question his whereabouts a time or two. The sisters reassured her things were all well.

A few times, I wanted to snatch both Ginger and Josh in a knot. Ginger needed a greater level of yoking in this story. She chose to stay at home with the kids as wife and mother, but then she had a meltdown sort of when things looked like she had reasons to worry. The kids were busy with many kinds of school activities and Josh busy with his career and potential promotion. Meanwhile, Ginger was suddenly in her feeling over her plight.

Although Ginger presented an air of settlement in the other stories, this time she showed her vulnerable state. That premise thrust the level of the backstory several degrees. The seriousness in the way the author dealt with Ginger’s circumstance nicely magnified for this reviewer. Additionally, the way the author’s emotional and expert writing dealt with the situation was proficiently managed. The story needed telling; the underlining seriousness with this type of problem and the state of affairs in the black community shown clear. A few times in the tale, Josh and Ginger’s relationship caused a slight pause for this reviewer. Be patient and let the author tell the story. Many times, the highlights in the story always involved the other Holliday sisters. The sisters are favorites. Readers will miss them if they don’t get to see them again. Sad Face emoji! Overall, this author did her thing with this story. 5 Stars.

Review – The Illumination of Ginger (A Holliday Sisters Novellette), by Nicole Falls

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