When the announcement appeared about Four’s approaching book release, the delight was almost palpable. It was incongruent to think this book would be anything but treasurable reading. The first task was to read the Commitment Series again to prepare for the finale. The author did a masterful job of bringing the characters to life once again much to this Nia-booklovers delight. The first story began with the couples evoking many memories. Although it’d been a while since readers heard from the featured couples, it was a nice reminiscence moment. The chance to revisit the original commitment characters was nostalgia in motion. The cloud nine effect was rampant for this reviewer.

The tale began with Shawn and Riley. Lord knows those two are so extra, and it’s appropriate for them to nearly cause one to blow a gasket over their poor decision making or to lack in the ways about their marriage. Let ’s leave it there for this couple. Then on to Chris and Robyn, they are my favorite power couple. They also had me rejoicing and grumbling at the same time. Alpha male Chris had it all under control, as did Robyn. A few times, I thought Chris underestimated his wife’s zeal. A good butt whipping for the neighbor with her eyes on Robyn’s prize was necessary. The Vaseline ordered and ready to go. Brendan and Tracy’s story had less drama and more story. Although they were memorable, their impact on the book was less present for this reviewer. The conclusion featured the character readers hated at one point. Now it’s almost safe to assert most readers like her, this reviewer included. Keisha and Jayson’s story hit the heart with a thrashing blow. To say some of the parts in the story were unexpected would be an understatement. To think that readers would want to feel anything but disgust for Keisha is another untrue statement. By the end of her series a few years back, Keisha redeemed herself completely. In this story, it was difficult to witness all the things she’d gone through, yet she endured to have another trench open the floodgates once again. Keisha gave the story proud moments this time around. In the end, each story concluded in a peaceful place for each couple. Rifts mended, bridges repaired, and hearts restored. It was a delight to see these guys again. Thank you, Nia! 5 Stars.

Review – Four: Stories of Marriage, by Nia Forrester

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