The pact was between two young friends who agreed to marry one another if they had not married at thirty. In this story, Cynthia thought she would marry and have children by thirty years of age. Her bucket list was quickly getting checkmarks and stricken from her to-do record. The more desired feat remained unmarked. She had a home, a nice car, a great job, the only thing missing was someone to love.

It was time to call in her pact with her best friend, Timothy. That plan went awry when she discovered her friend agreed to marry another woman; she knew nothing about. The fifteen-year pact with Timothy was off the list once he made his plan known. Every time either Cynthia or Timothy were involved in a relationship the other would not like their choice, and the link would peter out. Somehow, this time, Timothy’s relationship she knew nothing about changed the dynamics of their long-term friendship. Cynthia’s mother was equally desirous of having a grandbaby to love, so she tried one last time to introduce her daughter to a man with the hope of sparks and all the good stuff happening. The man Cynthia’s mother introduced her to was Shawn, and the match was a great fit. Then Timothy blindly continued with his plan to marry Melanie until he kissed his best friend. I wanted that man to make up his mind and choose. You’ll need to read the story and find out for yourself what happened. I will admit the ending threw me off for a minute, but you decide for yourself what you think. 4.8 Stars.

Review – The Pact: To Have and To Hold, by C. Monet

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