Equivalent Exchange was book fifty, and it’s worth the hype and the accolades to the author’s credit. The author’s career is associated with her magnificent storytelling skills. Each story and tale bring romance and black love to a whole new level of appreciation.  She’s penning with pride, amazing stories about black love, this is the best way to describe the impact of this author’s excellent writing because… Black Love Matters.

In this story, Keris was another one of the flawed and fabulous characters by this author. Laken was this methodical and highly measured man with a mysterious persona.  He met Keris on what should’ve been a horrible day, but on the contrary. That day was the start of many magical moments the couple shared. And listen when I tell you, both had so much going on emotionally. Laken was able to see the inner spirit in Keris, the one she tried so valiantly to hide. Laken conversely had demons he needed to exorcise associated with his brother’s death. Much of their problems, coincidentally, his brother was a part of their healing process. Watch how this will unfold in this story.

On the night they met, it was a sex-filled, alcohol-infused evening of passion, with volumes of emotions. Later, Keris stole away like a thief in the night, and the next time she saw him, Laken was making her an offer she would be hard-pressed to refuse. Thankfully, she chose to accept his offer and single handedly helped Laken and his team build a brand for his brewery. The story had the emotional sides with Laken’s brother Phoenix, and the turmoil around his brother’s demise and the concerns associated with his father. Then Keris’ relationship’s breakup, and her problems with her family that added to her already overcrowded and emotional state of mind.

In the story, Laken and Keris were a perfect match for what the other needed in a lover, for a relationship, and loving friendship. When Laken told Keris she was meant for him, the average person would have run for the hills. I thought that was the sexiest thing ever and was not afraid of his premonition. He never pressured Keris about being his woman. He allowed her to come around and see his vision. When tragedy hit Laken to his core, I was on my knees, praying he would not push Keris away. The story was the perfect story for number fifty.  The tale had romance, a little drama, the sex was off the chart sexy, and the story was superb.  Mrs. Jones, I am proud of you, and this accomplishment! Number 50, is 5.0+ Stars!

Review – Equivalent Exchange (Night Shift), by Christina C. Jones

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