I’ll begin this review by saying whew! And then by saying hot dang! Ladies…(and gentlemen, too!) just so you’ll know, Hawk is my new heartthrob, my passion place, and (in my best Jamaican accent) my boo ting. So, you all need to back the heck up!  Now that we’re clear, I’ll share my review.

Hawk’s introduction occurred in the Sin City Series and I was elated S. K. chose to bring Hawk’s story to fruition in this new series. Raven was introduced in the same book when her sister became involved with and later married Angel LaCroix.  Raven had a love-hate relationship with Angel and because of his affiliation with the Pattels; her disdain was extended to Hawk by association. So, it was without question that she and Hawk would collide in a power struggle and battle of wills.

Once Raven and Hawk started their cat and mouse game, I wondered if either would be able to withstand their explosive attraction to one another. I waited for the fireworks to explode every time Hawk and Raven were in the same environment. Once the two took the plunge, their emotional connection was darn near breathtaking. Raven made a valiant effort to conceal her ever-growing passion for Hawk, but he wouldn’t allow her to maintain the façade. Hawk went in for the kill as he continued to coerce Raven into accepting his affection.

Hawk was a strong-willed man, a strikingly handsome man with a physical presence that attracted any woman he set his sights on conquering. He was goal-oriented and family focused. Raven, on the other hand, had an equally alluring physical presence with the same strong-minded badass persona. I like a woman with a commanding presence, but a few times , I felt she was doing too much.

Hawk had no issue with bending the rules, breaking a few heads, and/or laws. He followed the same rules when he negotiated what he wanted from a female companion. His modus operandi was to do what was necessary to reach his goals. Raven’s convictions were the same. The storyline was drama filled and angst driven, ending with a cliffhanger, but I’m not complaining this time! I’ll hang around for the next installment, and I hope you will as well. In the meantime, I’m going to check out the other books in the Sin City Series while I’m waiting to see how Raven and Hawk’s adventure ends.

5.0 Stars

Review – The Pattels: Raven and Hawk, by S.K. Hardy

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