The two authors of the story are the Dynamic Duo of collaborations for this reviewer. The story was the third in the Unexpected Series. Stacy Williams and Quentin Edwards’ story gave readers a smooth ride delivered with a sensual and extraordinary storyline which devilishly pull readers into a deep glen with desirous dialogue. The story revealed how the couple met and the relationships evolution over time. The calculated steps did not detract from the story, as it was a necessary part of the story to get to their history. The way each author spoke from both characters’ point of view masterfully accomplished the desired outcome.

Both Stacy and Quentin viewed relationships as a bitter pill to swallow, as they both experienced situationships one after another and both seemingly had enough. Quentin, the player, meets Stacy a former playee and the pursuit was in full force not long after their first hello. They each planned to guard their hearts against the volatile nature involved in forming a so-called relationship. Neither realized the difficulty it would take to build a fence high enough to keep their hearts inside the perimeter of the enclosure, far, far away from prying desires. The task soon became insurmountable once Quentin tasted the sweet sensation of Stacy. The pursuit, the chase, and catch were the next goal for this man. How does a player end up chasing the woman, instead of chased by her? Her name was Stacy, that’s how this thing happened.

Stacy in no uncertain terms mastered the master. She outmaneuvered him without ever trying. Poor Quentin and Stacy never knew what hit them. The relationship was a beauty to visualize, their sexual chemistry was a surefire ten, and the storytelling- simply stated, it was amazing! The story also gave readers the chance to revisit with old friends from previous stories. The entities readers will enjoy are threefold. The story was marvelously told, the sensual connection and chemistry amazed, and the conclusion culminated in a nice concise 5 star story. What more can a reader ask? Hopefully, many more stories of this magnitude by this Dynamic Duo.

Review – The Pursuit (The Unexpected Series Book 3), by Aja and Roy Glenn

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