How to Love started with a new twist for this writer. The heroine was in a bed she did not recognize and wasn’t nearly as afraid as she should’ve given the circumstances. Okay, the guy was hot and sexy and had a body for days so, maybe it wasn’t all bad after all was said and done. If a girl is going to endure a kidnapping by a hot guy who can blow her back out, well, in that case, what is the problem here? Jo found herself in that situation after a night of drinking. She threw caution to the wind and gave Skoby the chance to see her goodies on the first night. The gentleman in him took the high road. Soon into the story, the author teases readers with a slight mystery surrounding Jo’s mother, and Skoby’s dad.  The fact that the nearly new couple fell into place with one another with minimal efforts was no surprise.

In the story, Skoby’s family owned a lucrative produce business, and the connection will reveal how this played out in the story momentarily. Skoby’s relationship with his grandmother was so sweet, and this was another reason to love that man. Readers will enjoy their interactions. Jo and Skoby quickly became a couple. As always, past relationships tried to come between the couple to no avail. Skoby’s baby’s momma Kerri was a piece of work. I could not believe all the energy she put into being trifling. Their daughter Kriss was the cutest little girl ever. Did I mention children are my weakness in a story? Overall, It was nice to see how Jo and Skoby’s relationship evolved and molded Kriss throughout the story. I liked the way Jo and Skoby grew as a couple. It was also enjoyable to see how Jo treated Kriss from their very first introduction and later built a solid relationship with another woman’s child.  The story showed how two broken souls could mend the others with so much reverence.  The story was yet another magnificent story by this amazing author. 5 Stars!

Review – How to Love, by Sabrina B. Scales

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