The Rise, the second in the series, was my first book by this author. I had to go back and read book one. The Champion sisters were introduced in book one of the series written by Donnia Maria, and it’s recommended you read The Heart of a Champion before reading this story.
In this story, Mestari Champion is the youngest of her siblings. She was down on the idea that she would have someone in her life or have a love of her life. She was confident that she would forever be alone. Kabir Chestnut was the a rule follower who planned his strategy to the last letter, and then made sure it was precise as expected. If he told you he would do something you could take it to the bank and cash it. Kabir and Star’s story was a delight and had me on a fast ride with many sharp turns. Star was a relatable character who reminded me of when I was in my twenties. Determined and a little uncertain at times, much like many young adults. The way Kabir was highly dedicated to his family, and his woman made me so proud and reflective of what relationship goals should resemble. Star and Kabir had a lot to get over and get past from their previous relationships, and you’ll see how that will be the catalyst to this couple and their partnership growing stronger each day. The story had some overlapping parts to remind readers about the previous story and tied up loose ends from the first story. I am so ready for book three. 4.5 Stars.

Review – The Rise of a Champ, by Twyla B. Stone

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