Trust Issues was the first book I read by this author. It was a recommendation from a friend who reads as much as I do. Shout out to Ericka Mosley! When I started reading the story, it took a few pages to get into the book, and then it was on. Maxwell and Kyla’s bantering and the music references were fantastic as it brought back the late 80s and 90s music, and the television shows from that same timeframe. The way the author incorporated the music, the attitude, and the intimate way this couple interacted as friends and then as more. Their story covered the lust, and then the genuine love the couple eventually exuded.

Now, let’s talk about the hero. He was an arrogant ass who thought the earth revolved around him. Although Max had a legitimate reason to be a Mad Max because of the previous heartache due to his relationship’s demise, it was still interesting since Kyla experienced a similar issue. The fact they had such a rocky road to the exciting parts, with it excellently executed and helped to make the story more impressive. After Max and Kyla spoke frankly about their relationships, it was easy to relate to this couple as their issue was real life. You’ll enjoy the sitcom connection because of the way Max and Kayla’s situation reminds readers of Max and Kyle from the 90s show Living Single. You don’t want to miss this lovely piece of goodness because it will make you happy again and again. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Trust Issues, by Danielle James

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