The Sweetest Redemption for Earth was bittersweet for her cheating so-called man named Premise. He should’ve had an inkling that one day his ratchet ways would catch up with him. And oh, how sweet it was to feel his pain. Now, let me make this clear; I don’t thrive on any man’s misery. But in Premise’s case, I made an exception. Earth endured four years of shiggity from this man who claimed to love her with all his heart, but he blamed Earth for his cheating ways and foolishness. The last straw, they should’ve charted as a day of celebration.  For Premise, it was the karma he richly deserved. The book/movie that came to mind was the ‘had enough scene’ in “Waiting to Exhale.” It was time for Earth to make a move for better and forget about the worse.

Dozier came along at the appropriate time to show Earth how a real man treats a woman. The way the two met and connected was hot and steamy. I liked that she did not overthink her actions and the fact that he was down for her whatever. This review will be short as not to give you guys too much and spoil the fun. The story was short and made a valid point about who we choose to love. Time and space have little to do with a man and a woman making a genuine connection with one another. Love, respect, and chemistry fuels the bond and helps it thrive. The author said it in the end and I’ll paraphrase ‘Love had been a pain in her ass, but the Real Manin her life was her sweetest redemption.’ 4.8 Stars.


Review – The Sweetest Redemption, by Grey

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