The story followed some of the same premises as in the previous …Vow books with a large family. Initially, I adjusted my approach to figure out which sister was speaking, as they each had the same letter T as part of their calling. Toya, Tasha, and Tonya, and if that wasn’t enough, they each had sharp tongues and snappy attitudes to go along with their short stature. Once getting into the story, readers will see the subtle personality differences making it easy to discern their individualities. The story began with the sisters on a trip to their cousin’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  The fun started when Tasha tried to find a man for Tonya to clear the cobwebs in her panties. The whole exchange with Tasha trying to get her sister taken care of by any man willing was too funny. I laughed so hard, and I believed this was the start of something differently amazing.  Once Tasha approached a guy, she was sure would take the bait, she hit the jackpot with Jeremiah Hawkins, or, so she thought. Because Jeremiah was unavailable to play, he suggested his brother Jereth would entertain the idea of bringing Tonya out of her sexual conundrum.

When Tonya met Jereth, the chemistry was wild. Tonya was taken aback by his tight black pants, his flashy attire, and the bulge in his pants because she hoped he packed a powerful punch. The next parts of the story were an unbelievable adventure. Yes, Tonya and Jereth became a couple in the most unconventional way for two sane people. Then they started to move in directions that belied their original goals. Tonya had an eleven-year-old son with her first love and husband. He left her before Wisdom – her son – was born. Yes, her son had a cool name, and he aspired to be a genius when he was older. I wasn’t mad at him. As the story progressed, Jereth learned an inordinate amount of information about Tonya, and she learned little about him. One year later, he remained a mystery, and that was when the light came on for Tonya.

I’m not sure I would have allowed a man to be in my life and my son’s with the limited amount of information she knew about him. There were two parts in the story I had a question about. Tonya’s first husband divorced her while she was pregnant, would a judge allow that to happen? The second issue was with Google applications everywhere, why didn’t Tonya research her man, especially with her level of wealth? Overall, I loved this story. I laughed, fussed, and enjoyed the heck out of this fun tale. It’s worth 4.5 stars.

*note: a free copy of this book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Review – To Break a Vow by, Chencia C. Higgins

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