What have I told you guys about the story needing a hook for readers? Well… this story had a perfect introduction to make you want to stay for the story.

Chris had just doggie-styled his wife and then had a fit of remorse. Then he had the nerve to share a significant problem. I know!  I saw red, blue, green and a few other colors at his insensitive act. I was ready to help Nedra decapitate her spineless husband. First, let me distract you from the vile acts I thought would be great for her so-called husband. Distraction #1- The title page heading for each chapter was uber creative and was another reason to read the story.

So, now that I’ve calmed down. Chris and Nedra were together since college. He’d chosen her as his mate and then, nothing. She, on the other hand, thought they had a stable relationship. That was the case until he started hanging out after work, and even when he was home, he was in his man cave. It was as though Chris was trying to avoid his wife. So, I asked myself why? I’m sure Nedra was asking the same question. Chris gave off a low-key effeminate vibe for me. A male college student who was a virgin and his wife was his first. Okay! Distraction #2-See what you think after you’ve read the story.

Every time I think about Chris, my straight up wannabe thug girl starts to resurface. And I want to do some damage to the old boy. The fact that Nedra was not wholly devastated spoke volumes. Also, the fact that his sister Ashton and Nedra were best friends, and she supported her friend, not her brother. That was another telling moment for me. You’ll need to keep an eye on this part of the story, pay attention to a few details as they sailed. It will be important later. Shanice was another good friend to Nedra and made a cameo appearance. If you recall, she was from the story, Her and Them. Shanice was the one who ended up with the young stud.

After Ashton was able to talk Nedra into leaving home after days of seclusion, they went to a restaurant where they encountered a celebrities friend- too ignorant for words. The rude guy needs his story. The other man dining with the rude man was the star player for the Houston Clutch NBA team. He and Nedra would then see one another at a nightclub where they made a connection. By the way, Ashton was to die for funny. I like the idea she spurred Nedra to get her freak on by rubbing her booty on a man’s Gucci belt. That night when Nedra met Hawk for the first time, the subplot with Ashton was part of the backstory. Hawk took a shot and was unsuccessful the first time. Hawk was happy when Ashton gave up her friend’s number. Later, things were starting to look up for her, and Chris was almost history. Distraction #3- Nedra met Hawk’s feisty mom Sabrina (Maybe she’s patterned her after an author we know as Sabrina Scales. I’m just saying). When Nedra’s men met, they acted like two adversaries. The day of their meeting was eventful. Chris… That thing was too crazy. I laughed out loud at Fan Boy Chris.

What a better way to end a story, than with a little redemption for Nedra. She got who she deserved in a man within Hawk. He could see her with bright eyes and an open heart. The happily ever after was sexy-sweet. Overall, this was a beautiful story about finding one’s true soulmate and claiming them without reservations. The story was superb, worthy of 5+ stars.

Review – To Buy a Vow (The Vow Series Book 1), by Chencia C. Higgins

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