The author drew my attention after reading a Roy Glenn novel; she was Kindle suggested as an author I might be interested in reading. The recommendation was spot on, and I’ve read every book she’s written.  Good Love is book three in the love and passion series. The book can be a standalone novel, or in my opinion, or read as part of the series. I think you will like the books in her repertoire.

The author focused on this May-December romance with a subtle sexy flair. The difference in age between Amina Perrin and Gabriel Slade never factored into whether I liked the book. Their connection was stable. I was not phased in any way by the age difference. Age was just a number in this story.

When Amina and Gabriel met, she was not seeking a relationship, nor was she expecting to find love with a man twenty year older. Since they were both adults, not teens, this validated my non-factor point of view. The story was about a man and a woman making beautiful music together. Amina was a massage therapist and yoga instructor. She lived life on her terms. She would on occasion indulge in a little man-fare to get the cobwebs removed. So, when she and Gabriel’s bodies collided in a crescendo of magical moments in a store, they were both enraptured instantly. Gabriel was wealthy from money and investments from his uncle. He was still part owner of a nightclub he once owned; he also worked in construction management.  He was tall, dark, and handsome. She was petite, passionate, and pliable.

Twenty percent into the story, glorious Gabriel had his thickness inside Amina’s treasure trove. I wasn’t mad at Amina for recognizing a good thing in an experienced man. The story highlighted the way their relationship building showcased the excitement of getting to know one another. Gabriel was a musician, and having Amina in his life rekindled his desire to get back in the music saddle. I liked when he took Amina to his favorite spot to hear some live jazz entertainment. Her comments about not connecting to the music showed her age a bit, yet she was willing to try something new once she heard Gabriel play his sexy instrument. Their chemistry and love scenes were hot, heavy and filled with passion. Each act’s description was a beautiful vision of ecstasy.

The backstory with Amina’s free love hippie parents were the comedic parts of the story. Marsha and Timothy loved everyone. Amina’s parents were definitely stuck in the 60s, and her dad was hooterville funny. Also, her friend Brando was another bright spot. He was her go-to friend to get answers about the male psyche. He was also quite delightful. All females need a male friend to keep them up on the game in relation to a man’s mind.  Understanding the cavernous nature of a man’s way of thinking would be helpful. In this story, remember age was just a few numbers in the grand scheme of things. Love does not recognize age as a deterrent to happiness. Bravo Aja, for yet another magical story. 5 Stars!

Review – Good Love Soul: Love and Passion Series Book 3, by Aja

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