Note: This review does contain light spoilers.

The story began with a bang for me. I like a badass woman all day long. Dakota Sherrod was like a superhero, and I want to be like her when I grow up. Dakota was a stuntwoman for leading actresses.  Wesley Bradford, all-around Jackass and a rudely arrogant businessman and talent agent for A-list performers was Dakota’s father. I don’t usually have reactions so severe to a character unless the author draws a picture that resonates, disturbs me, and makes me want to whip their butt, that means, the author has written the heck out of that character. By the way, I strongly disliked Wesley Bradford.

Then there was Hamilton Crosby. Whew! The guy on the cover, I had a warm and fuzzy feeling for him just looking at the sexy piece of art. A guy who loves his son, as much as Hamilton, is a reason to adore him immeasurably. He looked like a Black God from Goddom (In my head). A fine man in looks and his persona was sexy as all get out.

When Wesley hired Mason’s firm to guard his daughter and himself, he did not realize Hamilton was the firms best.  Mason was the lead in a previous story by this author. In this story, he’s the father of a growing family as well as managing his security agency with Hamilton.  Wesley asked his daughter to meet him for dinner, which turned out to be a farce to get her to have a protective vice over her because of issues on so many levels. Aside from being a world class jerk, Wesley loved his daughter, Dakota as much as he hated Hamilton. The reasons for his beliefs revealed slowly in the story, and thankfully his crassness did not change Dakota’s feelings for Hamilton.

The story will take many twists and lots of turns. The relationship between Hamilton and Dakota was a foregone conclusion once they had time to be alone.  A few plots twist mystery aficionados will not miss. The creepy people who ingratiated themselves in her life will be some of the people to watch. *No spoilers*. The relationship between Wesley and a few people were puzzling, and a big part of his arrogance. I did not like Wesley Bradford one bit. In the end, he proved to be as awful as expected. I spotted his deception as a real-life fraud early. Hamilton and Dakota were a lovely couple whom I’ll enjoy getting an update on, as the series continues. I enjoyed Dominic, and wish he would’ve been a more significant role in this first story. Overall, this was a fantastic story. 5 Stars!

Review – Vindicated, by Sharon C. Cooper

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