The fifth book in the Valentine Brothers series was as compelling as the last. It is noteworthy to mention the men on each cover can get it. Yum, yum, yum! Don’t act like you didn’t have the same reaction with each book cover, because the truth will free you from denial of eye candy bondage. The story featured two creatives who could’ve been a good match had it not been for the fact that Raphael Valentine still had an emotional connection to his deceased fiancée. He continued to miss her after the collision and death at the hands of a drunk driver. Raphael was a well-known photographer who’d once used his skills to photograph varied who’s who in the world. His reclusiveness started at the height of his career and continued until he met Bri St. James, the wedding planner, and sister of two Valentine brothers’ wives.
Bri and Raphael had a casual acquaintance because of their familial connection. Because of this association, Bri asked for Raphael’s assistance when her regular photographer canceled an event at the last minute. Raphael agreed to help, and while working together, the pair started to bond and later grew into a committed relationship. An incident occurred between them that sent Raphael back down the rabbit hole again, but this was thankfully short lived.
The points in the story that held my appeal were varied. Raphael speaking French to Bri was incredibly sexy. Somehow I could hear the voice of a young French tennis star Yannick Noah. The family connection and camaraderie was highly appealing as the Valentines made an impression on readers from the start of the series. The way Bri accepted Raphael’s plight and helped him heal from his loss was sensational. The athletic competition and couples events were loads of fun to witness with each adventure engaging. The overall story was well worth the read. The author gave us permission to enjoy this story a page at a time. A wonderful read 4.5 Stars.

Review – With Your Permission (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 5), by Stephanie Nicole Norris

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