The second book in this series was as compelling as the first book. The featured couple, readers met in the first book, ‘Playing for her Heart.’ Zo and Ariana shared a place with K.C. in that story. Recall also from the first book that Zo and Ariana had a love-hate relationship, which eventually turned into a decision they would regret later. And that was where this story picked up; with the once good friends estranged and not sure how to deal with their newfound disconnection. I was hoping the couple would survive the separation and make it long enough to have a chance to win the heart of the other. Zo had to play his cards right. It took a while to get the friends to a better place to be able to share the same space.

Zo and Ariana met in college and shared many experiences as friends before life spilled over into their reality, and Ariana chose to pull away. K.C. knew the issue and promised his friend to allow her the chance to share with Zo when she was ready. By the time all was said and done, Zo and Alana made a beautiful relationship and friendship work well. In the end, they found the right groove together. The author is relatively new. However, I’ve read every book she’s written. And gladly watched her growth with each original story. The stories aren’t cookie-cutter cute with a happily ever after that looks the same except the names changed. Each original tale visits a few college-aged couples and some almost thirty somethings hoping to find love, peace of mind and discovering where they fit into this busy working world. Readers, give this author’s works a try, please and thank you. The story was worth 5 stars.

Review – Playing to Win (Games Lovers Play- Book 2), by Danielle Burton

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