I’ve read several books by this author, and I found the books very entertaining. The story this time gave off a different vibe than the standard tale this author usually tells. In this story, Terrence “T-Murder” Burrell was a popular with the ladies’ rapper who’d once been married with three kids. He and his wife had been divorced for a few years, yet he claimed to still love her through repeated infidelity and disrespect for his wife during their marriage, and the marriage prevailed. What I could not wrap my brain around was the fact his wife continued to allow his behavior. By the time she’d had enough, Charisse Burrell was empty. After the divorce and a few years passed, Charisse began to date, which sparked Terrence’s jealousy.
To Terrence’s dismay, his jealousy led to wanting his wife back. He was a selfish man, and his self-serving ways were utterly annoying. Even though it was evident this man truly loved his wife, he never actually had to accept the consequences for his actions. Remember I’ve said this a time or two, if I have a strong feeling for or against a character, the author did an exceptional job. Can you tell I did not care too much for Terrence? Did you see how much the author’s words resonated? After paying closer attention, I noticed about mid-story, Terrence started to aspire to do be a better man, and as a result, Charrise gave in and accepted his love again. Allowing this man back, not even on a silver platter with a million bucks in his hand, shouldn’t have been an option considering his previous actions. Call me crazy, but I understood, her heart still desired her children’s father. The man she always loved could not live without her. Overall, the story was challenging and held my attention. 4.0 Stars.

Review – Without You (Quicksand Book 2), by Delaney Diamond

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