The Tale of Two Cities saga continues to evolve and bring readers a compilation of holiday treats for our consumption. The Valentines story brought readers Brooklyn and Austin’s story. After trolling Instagram and finding a handsome guy, much to delish for mere words, Brooklyn sent him a DM and the guy responded rather quickly. The two flirted back and forth for a few minutes, had a quick connection, and then I was ready for some action.

Here’s where the story was interesting: The guy was handsome and almost too good to be true. What guy that attractive would still be single, right, and not be on the DL or gay? And before you guys start shooting the reviewer, I’m not bashing, okay, so you can put away the sharp tongues, the swords, and blades. Then to top the charts, he was kind, generous and was not a man-hoe player.

Brooklyn sent an Instagram DM message and then the connection developed and they really connected. Readers, the story was believable and a great deal of fun. Brooklyn and Austin’s story might be my favorite of all the novellas. It had so many realistic elements to push boundaries and such. I am glad these characters kept talking in the author’s ear, as this was the perfect ending to the series. (Oh please give us more) Again, until the next tale. I’ll paraphrase the Charles Dickens story, A Tale of Two Cities, ‘You gave us the best of time, and there were no worst times,‘only pure joy. Bravo Ms. Warren. 5 Stars-once again!

Review – A Tale of Two Cities: A Valentine’s Novella by Alexandra Warren

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