The story was worth the read and some. The characters held my attention, and it was worth every page turn. Wow! And this story was filled with varied emotional moments with Messiah and Ausha having to deal with a myriad of poignant challenges. Messiah was an incredibly gorgeous man with a sex-filled past. When he met Ausha, he believed he’d met his match and was willing to give up his various sexual accounts to commit to one woman. Because Ausha was just out of a relationship with her trifling ex, she wasn’t sure she wanted to deal with a man like the one she’d recently given up. Why travel the same road if it isn’t necessary? So maybe meeting this man, Messiah was in the right place at the right time to change Ausha’s heart. She was coping with her bitter breakup with DeShawn, the cheater. She still did not think it was time for a new man.

Meanwhile, their relationship began to thrive, until special forces came into play to halt their smooth transition. As always, past relationships pop up to cause drama and create problems for the new couple’s happiness. A few times I wanted to scream at Messiah as he was told to give his girl the story about his ex-lover. And because men don’t listen, he had to suffer the consequences of his actions. It was clear that his former side piece would be a problem for the couple, and hopefully, the damage wouldn’t be irreparable.

In the end, Messiah and Ausha’s decisions impacted their relationship, and it took courage for Messiah to change his ways in earnest- to be real. The choices they made were worth the risk to be together as a couple seeking happiness. The story was enjoyable and very entertaining. The author is coming into her own in her writing and great storytelling. I rated this story worthy of 5-stars.

Review – Worth The Risk, by A.C. Taylor

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