Kay Shanee is quickly becoming an author to watch, as she builds a really cool catalog.  Each book adds to her  book-cred. In this latest edition, it was a lot of fun to learn this couple’s story and to watch them struggle with being together. The story was about a forbidden couple. Now let me clarify, it was nothing disgusting. Keva Jamison was in love with her brother’s best friend, and their feelings were mutual. The catch, she was already in a relationship with another man. Don’t get on your soapbox, it will be okay. Things will all come out in the wash. You will see and understand Damarion Sanders being at wit’s end with his secret lover situation.

Furthermore, Damarion grew extremely tired of hiding his situationship from his best friend. Their eighteen-year friendship could be at stake if the relationship with his sister became common knowledge.  Damarion was a hot commodity for any woman seeking a super yoni soaker sexy piece of a man, and this added to Keva’s attraction. Now, the other catch to the forbidden side, Damarion promised Keva’s brother he would stay away from his little sister. So the risk to their lost-standing friendship was at stake. The story’s super short, so I’ll give you the 4.1.1. The story was sexy, and despite the novella’s length, it made the point the author tried to convey. Check this one out, it’s a good read. 4.0 Stars.

Review – I’d Rather Be With You, by Kay Shanee

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