Yearning is not a thing many people view as something to desire to do extensively. The couple featured in the previous book did not strike me as fancifully as the first time. With that said, I enjoyed this story very much. They had a lot of sexy moments and talked a lot about their spiritual connections. But in their real-life, and the drama with the baby, the couple had to get back to reality. Mac and Christela would have a long way to go for them to leave the past behind and move forward as a couple.  After the weekend of fun and lots of action, the couple had to return to their real lives and try to pick up the pieces they left behind.  Even though Mac promised to wait for an undetermined amount of time for Chrissi, the idea would not easily speak the actions into fruition. Christela took her dream job in Boston, and there was no guarantee they would be able to withstand the trials. In all the drama, the way the couple met was highly romantic. They had this radical connection described at great length throughout the story, as well as the sexy encounters repeatedly in the telling of their tale. The drama with the ex almost made me want to strangle a cruel character for being a toasted turd. Mya tried her best to be a pain in their backsides, thankfully it worked out without having to lay hands on her.  The hopeless romantic in me was rooting for this couple to be together because their chemistry was scintillating. You’ll need to read book one first; the couple’s character development and backstory introduction happened in Feign for Me. I highly recommend both stories. I gave this story 4.5 Stars.

Review – Yearn for Me, by Ivy Laika

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