V is for a voracious appetite worthy of excellent writing. The author has a way with words and brings a story, this time, for the ages. I mentioned this one time before how much I wished this story lasted a few weeks. And I will be ready when the second part drops. The story was about a secret V society at a renowned college. The way the secret V club manifested was intriguing, and the writing was magnificent with a real tight storyline. The plot surrounding the secret society was dope. The leading lady Michaela was a whole extra piece of goodness. And her guy Nate was a sweet guy, especially after all the BS her ex, Theo, put her through. I tried to figure who and what would be next in the story and, each time the author kept throwing curveballs. The ancillary characters gave the story the punch to make this tale shine. Hamilton University sounds like a great place to matriculate through the learning process. Having that opportunity buffered by the V influence would be another coup. The leader of the V was a badass. Her persona was non grata until the recipients faced her powerful presence head on. It will be fantastic to uncover all the little hanging tendrils in the storyline and have questions answered within the context of what on Earth is the V and, should I be afraid? You all, this was a magnificent part one. 5 Stars!

Review – V for Villainous (The Women of V Series Book 1), by Danielle Allen

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